Creme Brulee Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Matcha

Where to Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

When exotic, oriental and velvety Matcha is combined with the wildly popular Crème Brulee, the resulting taste can only be described as mouth watering. Crème Brulee Matcha is the desert of choice for those very warm and balmy days when guests are assembled and their tastes buds are primed for an unforgettable treat. The rich sweet burnt cream taste combined with Matcha’s uplifting touch, can turn an ordinary bland day into an extraordinary adventure for the palate. When served cool, this delectable and aesthetic looking desert always exceeds its expectations.

Crème Brulee Matcha is ideal for many settings where both adults and children are gathered. This is because, its creamy sweet taste makes it a favorite among young children, while Matcha’s balancing touch gives adults the extra edge that they need to make this excellent treat truly outstanding. With Crème Brulee Matcha nobody can go wrong irrespective of their surroundings. It blends perfectly with many other well loved deserts but quickly becomes a favorite because of the lasting feeling of pure pleasure in the mouth. Although it is best served cold, Crème Brulee Matcha can be taken at any time of the day or night despite the changing seasons of the year. It always leaves the lingering feeling of wanting more of the same.

100% Pure Matcha, Ceremonial Grade, Natural Flavors, No Artificial Coloring, No Sweeteners,  No Preservatives, MSG/Chemical Additive Free.

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Taster’s Review:

Most of you probably do not know this about me yet but I am a matcha junkie. If there were a support group for matcha lovers – I would be in it! My support group however consists of other tea and matcha lovers so they enable me rather than hold me back and I am just fine with that!

I have quite the collection of matcha and I have my favorites but yet at the same time, I have yet to find a flavored matcha from Red Leaf Tea that I dislike! So I am absolutely biased – I just wanted to get that on the table.

So this particular flavor Creme Brulee, is very buttery. When I opened the package BUTTER is the first thought that came to mind. I offered it to my daughter to sniff and she said the same thing “smells buttery”. Now another admission of mine is that I love butter. Straight butter, I will always steal a taste directly from the stick when cooking, but it has to be real butter – no margarine for this girl!

When I sampled this tea for the first time just a bit ago, I gulped it down so fast I had to make a second to finish the review. Poor me, haha!

This matcha is creamy, and yes, buttery, and sweet. It does taste like the custard part of a creme brulee, however the burnt sugar crust is not totally lacking, its there but subtle. If you are a die hard, culinary backed goods expert you MAY find fault in this creme brulee matcha creation, however if you are like me, and only lucky enough to get your hands on some real creme brulee every great once in a while then you should be more than pleased! Granted this IS matcha, not the actual dessert, and in all of Red Leaf Tea’s matcha I feel that the true flavors of whatever is being recreated is done quite well! This one does not beat out my love for Caramel Popcorn,  or Butterscotch, or even Macadamia Nut Matcha from Red Leaf Tea, however it would make my top 10 list, easy!

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