Georgia Peaches from Just Add Honey

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Just Add Honey

Tea Description:

a fruity and aromatic blend of brisk Ceylon and Darjeeling black tea paired with freshly hand-ground ginger, sweet dried peaches, and a touch of cinnamon and clove to provide additional sweetness and body. wonderful hot, makes a delicious iced tea.

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Taster’s Review:

I discovered this company through one of those flash sale type of sites, and I ordered from them right away.  It wasn’t really this particular tea that captured my interest (it was the chocolate one of course!) but interestingly enough this is the first tea of the three that I ordered that I reached for when it came time to brew one of them.

When I ordered this tea, I expected big, juicy peach flavor.  This expectation is based upon the name “Georgia Peaches” and the fact that the company is from Georgia, I figured they knew their peaches in Georgia, right?  But after I opened the package and began to measure out the tea and I saw bits of cinnamon, ginger and cloves in there, my ideas of what this tea might be also began to change.   All of the sudden I was expecting a ginger peach kind of flavor or at the very least, a spiced peach cobbler filling type of flavor with the spices in there.

But neither of these expectations prepared me for what I’m tasting.  The flavor is neither in-your-face, bite into a peach and juice is running down your arm kind of flavor … nor is it a spiced peach kind of flavor.  It tastes … well, it tastes like a peach flavored black tea.

And a good one, at that.  The black tea base is a blend of Ceylon and Darjeeling – and this base provides a light, crisp sort of taste.  It’s not a bold or hefty black tea flavor and it isn’t something that I’d recommend drinking first thing in the morning if you’re looking for that jump start.  But it is a delicious and medium-to-full-flavored black tea that is brisk and refreshing.

The peach notes are strong … but they’re not overpowering.  There is a careful balance between black tea and fruit here, with neither overwhelming the other.  The peach flavor is sweet and tasty, but doesn’t taste too sweet.  There is a very slight artificial note to the peach here, and it’s hardly distinguishable … only when I really try to focus on the flavors to pick out the individual notes of the tea do I notice it.  It really has very little impact on the overall taste of the tea, but it is there.

But what I’m liking best about this blend are the spices.  I thought that these spices were going to turn this tea into a heavily spiced blend, but it isn’t.  The cinnamon, cloves and ginger are extremely subtle here, offering hints of warm spice to the background, sort of “filling in the spaces” of the background with their earthy qualities, while enhancing the sweet peach notes.

Overall, a very enjoyable peach offering from this company – it’s the first that I’ve tried from them and I’m quite satisfied with it.  I look forward to the others that I have to try from them.

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