Acai Tangerine from The Whistling Kettle

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White & Pu-erh

Where to Buy:  The Whistling Kettle

Tea Description:

Inspired by Dr. Oz and Canadian natural health guru Bryce Wylde, our pu-erh/white tea blend is designed to shrink fat, burn deposits, and prevent new fat from depositing. Tastes excellent hot or iced. The rich smoothness of pu-erh is contrasted with delicate notes of white tea, and accentuated with flavors of acai, tangerine, and chrysanthemum.

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Taster’s Review:

According to the description on The Whistling Kettle’s website, this tea was inspired by Dr. Oz and health guru Bryce Wylde.  To tell the truth, I don’t know who Bryce Wylde is, and I don’t really put a lot of stock in what Dr. Oz says.  I don’t drink tea because it’s healthy or because it is supposed to enhance weight loss.  I drink tea because I like the way it tastes.  If it is also good for me, that’s a bonus, but not one I allow to influence me one way or the other.

And this tastes good!  I’m not usually a big fan of the tart Acai berry, but, when combined with the sweetness of the tangerine, the tartness mellows somewhat, making this a very enjoyable drink, indeed.

There is so much flavor in this cup.  From the deep, mellow, earthy tones of the Pu-erh, to the crisp sweetness of the white tea… combined with the sweet-tart notes of fruit and the hint of floral taste from the chrysanthemum, this cup has a taste that is very palate pleasing.  These different flavors all come together in a way that is very well-balanced.  Nothing competing with anything else, nothing overpowering the cup.  Just smooth, mellow, delicious flavor.

The Pu-erh is what I notice first, but what stands out about this Pu-erh from some others that I’ve tried is that it doesn’t taste overwhelmingly earthy.  It does have an earthiness to it, it is somewhat peaty with a woody note.  It is very mellow, and the softness of the white tea curbs the flavor so that the earthy tones of the Pu-erh do not come across as too strong.  The white tea is not as prominent a flavor, but then again, it shouldn’t be.  White tea has a delicate taste.  But I can taste it:  light, fresh, almost hay-like.  The flavor is slight but where the white tea is primarily noticeable is as a softening agent to the Pu-erh.

The tangerine and acai seem pretty evenly matched.  In one sip, I seem to notice more tangerine, and in the next, I’ll taste a little more berry.  It’s quite lovely the way these two flavors play with one another, very enjoyable, especially for this taster who often finds the tartness of acai to be a bit much.  When paired with the sweet taste of tangerine, it becomes much more palatable.

I’ve tried a couple of blends from this company – The Whistling Kettle – and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve tried.  And I’m liking this blend a lot!  It’s also really good iced!

1 thought on “Acai Tangerine from The Whistling Kettle

  1. I agree, Dr. Oz has a lot of good information on his show but at the same time it seems he just endorses far too much.
    I can take his advice or leave it.
    Still it is good that there are puerh that appeal to more of the general population and I do myself enjoy a flavored puerh now and then. This sounds yummy. 🙂

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