Coconut Milky Oolong from The Tea Spot

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Oolong

Where to Buy: The Tea Spot

Tea Description:

A decadent dessert tea, to be sipped & savored. Our Taiwanese Milky Oolong has a smooth yet fruity and creamy taste. It’s blended with shaved coconut to create a delicate and calming experience in aroma and flavor. If you love coconut milk sweets and sophisticated oolongs, this is your tea. Discover this guiltless dessert – simply extraordinary!

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Taster’s Review:

I am difficult to please when it comes to coconut flavored teas. For me, they are love em or hate em. I find all too often that coconut, no matter how natural, organic, or fresh it is, can be off putting. I do love coconut, don’t get me wrong, but something about how they mix into blends can make the tea taste, well, just strange.

I was apprehensive about trying yet another coconut tea, as I have been let down far too many times, even though I have found a few I adore. However, The Tea Spot has some really great teas, so I was hopeful.

First of all the aroma of this tea was excellent! Spot on and did not have the off putting aroma that usually accompanies an off putting coconut tea. So far so good!

To start with we have a really nice Taiwanese Oolong base. Its quite lovely. I did not get even the slightest hint of that off putting flavor I was dreading! Score! I happen to also agree with the description about this having a coconut milk flavor. To me, there is a distinction between the flavor of coconut meat versus milk. This tea is lighter on the coconut flavor and has a creamy milky texture to the mouthfeel. I find it refreshing. Now the only thing I may differ on here is it being considered a dessert tea. I could drink this at any time of day or evening and not think of it as a dessert type tea. Then again I have a ravenous sweet tooth so when I need something sweet it had better be oozing with a dessert flavor! This however should not detract from the quality, the flavor, or the value of this tea. It is quite wonderful.

Now believe it or not, I found a Mounds mini size bar in my daughter’s Halloween candy stash, ate it with this tea, Oh YES, that is my kind of food and tea paring!

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