Organic Morning’s Journey from Hugo Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Hugo Tea

Tea Description:

Behold friends! The pure black tea blend you’ve been seeking. Morning’s Journey is my private blend of three black teas from three countries. This loose blend holds unparalleled balance and flavor, ready to sustain your adventures—no compass or knapsack required. Keep it close and brew it often.

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Taster’s Review:

Okay so the description says they use three types of black leaf but if I had to place a bet on it I would swear there is puerh in this blend! Perhaps, perhaps not, but when these three black teas meld together – puerh is the resulting flavor in my opinion. This is not a bad thing at all. I happen to very much enjoy puerh but I also feel that those who have never tried a puerh or those who would like to but want to dip their toes in gently should give this tea a try! Granted there may not be even a smidgen of puerh in here and if not so be it but the resulting flavors are as such:

Sweet, earthy, deep, and woodsy.

There is a marked presence of a wood flavor here, much like sandalwood that is reminiscent of some of the incense I burn, without feeling like you just inhaled a mouthful of heavy incense smoke. Its not perfume-y, so don’t fear.

Sweet yet clear and crisp notes of berry surface on the initial sip with the woodsy flavor coming out in the after taste.

There is a nice cocoa note that is most noticeable on the tip of the tongue that blends with the earlier fruit notes bringing out almost a honeyesque flavor.

This tea has almost a creamy mouthfeel yet it is bright, not thick or full.

What may be even more interesting to you regarding this tea is not even so much in the flavor profile, but how the tea will make you feel! Before I decided to review this tea this morning, I was extremely groggy. I was no where near a place where I thought I could sit and write a review. However by the second cup, somewhere mid way through it, I found myself invigorated! My eyes were no longer heavy and my mind was firing once again on all cylinders! Now granted that is what a morning tea is usually geared for, but there is a clarity to my thoughts much earlier than normal on this day. This tea works with my energy much in the same way matcha does! I am excited to have tried this and am now going to scout out what other offerings Hugo Tea has!

Hugo Tea only has a small selection of teas however if they are all this good, that is all they really need!

Note: Hugo Tea has informed me that no pu-erh has been used in this blend, which makes it all the more interesting to me!

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