Eight Candles from Della Terra Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Della Terra Teas

Tea Description:

Our Eight Candles tea perfectly combines the burnt sugar taste of caramel with delicious, fluffy marshmallow!  This tea celebrates the seasons of lights with a delicious flavor you won’t forget!  Gold and Star of David sprinkles add the finishing touch to this festive tea!

Ingredients: black tea, caramel flavoring and bits, marshmallows, sprinkles

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Suggested brewing tips:

Serving Size: 1 level tsp./6oz serving

Water Temp:  212 degree or to a boil

Steep Time: 2-5 minutes

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Taster’s Review:

I am so happy that I ordered some of Della Terra Teas’ Eight Candles blend! Their homage to the celebration of the Season of Lights.

Have you ever had a tea that left you speechless? This is my all time favorite flavored tea. Now keep in mind it is difficult for me to love one tea over another. It is almost like choosing a favorite child. Regardless, if I could only choose one flavored tea to consume for the rest of my life it would be a very close tie between this and Strawberry Zabaglione from 52Teas. But you see, they are on totally different flavor spectrums, so you see my dilemma, its not easy to choose. Before trying this tea, it would have been a lot easier, but now I am torn. However this review is all about Eight Candles from Della Terra Teas so lets get back to that!

This tea is THE most marshmallowy tea I have ever sipped, the caramel is perfection, its like someone made a caramelized melted marshmallow on a stick. We all know everything is excellent when served “on a stick”.

Now just a little tip here, let this tea cool a bit before sipping, once a little cooler the true beauty of this tea explodes. Speaking of beauty, this is one of the prettiest teas ever. A black tea backdrop with shiny gold balls, blue and white stars, it quite the eye-pleaser and very festive! If I were serving this tea at a party I would put out a small bowl of this tea loose for all to oh and ah over, and of course to sniff! It has such a pleasing aroma in dry form. When dry it has mostly an aroma of vanilla, but don’t let that fool you! Once steeped it is caramelized marshmallow all the way.

I would also like to speak to the sweetness of this tea. I am not positive exactly how it is sweetened. Perhaps the shiny gold sugar balls are the only sweetener, or perhaps there is something more added, but whatever it is, it is really done perfectly. You would truly think that you are just getting the sweetness from the caramel and marshmallow itself, with nothing extra added. It has absolutely no artificial or lingering sweetener flavor other than the sweetness the caramel and marshmallow themselves provide.

For me tea often evokes a feeling or memory. This tea makes me think back about all the fire pits during the holidays that my family has huddled around together with friends, either sipping hot cocoa, or toasting marshmallows, or both. If only I had this tea to sip back then, but now this tea can inspire making new memories!

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