Darling Darjeeling from La Petite Cuillère

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black (Darjeeling)

As Sold By:  Amoda Tea

Also Available at:  La Petite Cuillère

Tea Description:

Cherry flavoured teas can often conjure up bad thoughts of cough syrup, so finding this gem was a happy surprise. The base for this tea – Darjeeling black tea, is soft and round and has been matched perfectly with a sweet and subtle cherry flavour. Adding a touch of milk to this brings out an incredible strawberry cream flavour.

This tea was part of the November Tea Tasting Box from Amoda Tea.

Taster’s Review:

This is the second tea from the Amoda Tea Tasting Box for November, and of the three teas, it was the one I was most excited to try for two reasons:  first, it is the only one of the three that was an actual TEA and not a tisane.  Second, it is a flavored Darjeeling!

Of the many different black tea types, Darjeeling seems to be the one that I see least often to serve as a base for flavored teas or tea blends.  So, when I do happen to come across a flavored Darjeeling, I am eager to try it.

This Darling Darjeeling is a strawberry and cherry flavored Darjeeling, and I must say, I am really enjoying it.  Sometimes cherry flavoring ends up tasting a bit like cough medicine, but, it doesn’t taste that way with this tea.  It is a very pleasant taste:  smooth, sweet and well-rounded.  There is just enough tartness to it to keep it tasting authentic and not medicinal, and enough sweetness to keep me from puckering with every sip!

The strawberry is very subtle.  And by very subtle, I mean almost absent.  It does not come through strongly during the sip, although the flavor does develop somewhat as I continue to sip.  But, where I notice the strawberry – a strong, delicious strawberry taste – is in the aftertaste.  About five seconds after finishing the sip, I find a lovely strawberry taste come through, leaving my mouth tasting as though I had just bitten into a ripe, juicy strawberry.  It is sweet and has that characteristic berry tartness.  It’s quite enjoyable.

I am so glad that I had this opportunity to try this tea.  Thanks, Amoda Tea!

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