Strawberry Cream from Zen Tea Life

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Zen Tea Life

Tea Description: 

Sweet strawberries underscore the subtle symphony of berry creaminess.

Ingredients : Black tea from Ceylon, India and China, strawberry leaves, strawberry pieces, flavour.

Steep : 1 teaspoon, boiling water, Allow to brew 3 min
Make strawberry latte tea : Put half cup of frosted milk into brewed half cup tea water, and add sweetner

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I love a good strawberry tea and this one is on my top 10 all time best strawberry teas!

The base is wonderful and quite detectable even though the cream and strawberry are so strong.

A beautiful dessert tea, tea party tea, or tea to convert your non tea drinking friends with.

This one would be sure to curb your sweet tooth! The sweetening agent used, whatever it may be, does not have an artificial after taste thankfully. The creaminess in the flavor translates into the mouthfeel making it a bit heavier on the sip.

The strawberry flavor is a bit more candy like than natural but only because of its intense sweetness. It does not have an artificial flavor like cheap dime store candy, its just so intense that it is not like that of biting into a fresh strawberry.

In my opinion no added sweetener or creamer is necessary however if you did add either, or both, I imagine you would have one completely sinful drink! I say that in a good way too!

I love it. Its not for every day but its one of those teas I can see myself reaching for when I need something sweet, something dreamy, something very creamy and decedent! Wait, I think I may be reaching for it daily!

3 thoughts on “Strawberry Cream from Zen Tea Life

  1. Thank you for your great review. I tried to share your review on Facebook page, but this page closed when I click Facebook share button. I wish I could write reviews like you. As a non-native English speaker and poor writer, it’s really hard to write. ^^

  2. My Pleasure Kenneth! I really do want to order more of this – just waiting for the holiday expenses to pass 🙂
    It is very very good!
    I will share the review on facebook for you – I have no idea why it would not let you do it.

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