Sencha de Miyazaki, Oku Yutaka Tea from Thes du Japon

Tea Type:
Green Tea

Where To Buy:
Thes du Japon

Product Description:

A fine normal steamed sencha from Miyazaki. Purity and mellowness are the words that describe this delicious tea with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Tasters Review:

I always LOVE a good Sencha.  But lately I have really enjoyed steamed teas.  Put the two together and you get this little gem!

Upon first sniff this smells like pure spinach.

The product description says this is “pure” and “mellow”…well, I disagree with the MELLOW description…I think it’s very hardy…and I think this is a wonderful thing!  It’s grassy-green, vegetal, and gives a pretty powerful punch.

I, do really like this…I think it’s a good green…as far as the grassier greens are concerned.  I like the steamed aspect, the spinach-like aroma, and the vegetal taste, too!

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