Jasmine Coconut Green Tea from Whispering Pines Tea Company

Tea Type:
Rooibos/Green Tea Blend

Where To Buy:
Whispering Pines Tea Company

Product Description:

Jasmine Coconut Green Tea combines the warm fragrant smell of jasmine scented green tea and red rooibos with freshly toasted organic coconut flakes for a smooth tropical tea. Deliciously perfect for any time of the day! Best enjoyed hot.

Tasters Review:

Whispering Pines told me the green tea used in this blend is a Light Fujian Pouchong.

The ‘green’ tea leaves look different from leaf to leaf.  The coconut shavings are smaller than you might see in a bulk section or in a Bob’s Red Mill’s type bag, for example.  I can also see the rooibos.  At first glance –  it ALMOST looks like there COULD BE both green and regular rooibos in this mix!  It’s a bit hard to tell this last assumption about the Rooibos because there is so little of it in there…so…it could just be regular rooibos, I guess.

The green tea is a nice ‘even-steven’ type taste inbetween a slight grassy-green, slight sweet-green, slight vegetal-green. The Jasmine is subtle – thankfully! Just the right amount for my palate. The coconut is pretty amazing. It’s not like a stereotypical-tropical type coconut but a soothing, creamy-type instead. I do like this difference!

With the description and ingredients list I thought I would like this one fine-and-dandy but I actually like it even more than I thought I would! This is incredibly smooth. This is a nice sipping tea OR a nice gulping tea!

Whispering Pines…an Artisan of blended teas!  Nice!

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