Dreidels & Donuts Tea from Tealish

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tealish

Tea Description:

Who can argue the awesomeness of a holiday where you get to have fun spinning dreidels, winning chocolate coins, and eating jelly doughnuts?! With black tea, creamy chocolate, and luscious strawberries this tea is the perfect partner for those rich Hannukah treats we all love!

Taster’s Review:

NOTE:  I wrote this review in Early May, but, I am scheduling it to publish just before the first day of Hanukkah, since it is a holiday/seasonal tea and probably only available during the holiday season.

This tea is so delicious!

The aroma of the dry leaf is so mouthwatering – it smells like jelly doughnuts and chocolate.  YUM!  Once brewed, the fragrance becomes more subdued, but I can still smell the chocolate and donuts!

The flavor is unbelievably – very much like chocolate and strawberry jelly filled donuts!  I get the rich, creamy flavor of chocolate (although, yes, I would like a little more chocolate), the sweet, juicy flavor of strawberry, and even a delicious, baked cake flavor.

And let’s not forget the tea, because I taste that too!  It provides a strong background of flavor – robust, malty black tea that mingles well with these tasty dessert flavors.

I’d recommend this tea to everyone – whether they celebrate Hanukkah or not!  It is so YUMMY!

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