On The First Day of Christmas … Della Terra Teas Sent to Me …

It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to have a 12 Days of Christmas box to help me count down the days until Christmas Day.  This will be the third year that I’ve done this, and this year, I chose the 12 Days of Christmas tea box from Della Terra Teas … the same box, incidentally, that we featured a couple of weeks ago in our Season of Giveaways!

Here’s how this works:  every day from now (December 14) through Christmas Day, I’ll be reviewing the tea of the day from the Della Terra Teas box … starting with today’s tea.

Inside the box … Oh my goodness! What fun!

But before I get in to today’s tea, I want to talk a little bit about the presentation of this box … because it really is fabulous.  It’s a gift in itself!  The package arrived wrapped up in Kraft paper so that we couldn’t see the festive box inside (see the photo above!).  So on the outside, it appeared kind of ordinary and maybe even a little boring (although, it’s never boring to receive tea in the mail!) but as soon as you open the box, you’re greeted with this very bright and cheery box warning you NOT to open the box until December 14.  Ahhh … the anticipation!

Inside the box, there was this lovely sight!  12 little sparkly boxes, each with individual tags telling us which day to open the box.  There was a note tacked on the inside of the lid of the box telling the recipient how to proceed with this 12 Days of Christmas Tea celebration.  This is a really awesome presentation … I am really overjoyed.  It really IS going to be like a little present each day leading up to Christmas!

Day 1, Day 6 and Day 12 are to feature teas that are available exclusively to the customers who purchased this box, which makes it even more special and exciting to me!

Which leads me to today’s tea …

Partridge in a Pear Tea

aren’t these little sparkly boxes adorable?

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Della Terra Teas

Tea Description:

On the first day of Christmas a tea was given to me, and that was Partridge in a Pear Tea.

On this first day of your 12 Days of Christmas, please, sit back, and enjoy a cup of this delightful, fruity pear tea that is exclusive to this set of twelve!  What a lovely way to start!

Taster’s Review:

The dry leaf is beautiful!  Lots of white cornflower petals amid the black tea leaves and pieces of dried pear, and little golden candy bits that add a nice bit of sparkle to the dry leaf … what fun!  It smells very much like pear, and I do love a good pear tea. 

Although, I must admit, that it seems more often than not that I am disappointed by pear teas, because the pear flavor is just … off … somehow.  I’ve found a few really good pear teas, but I have also had some disappointing pear teas.  I’m hopeful that Della Terra Teas won’t let me down.  I’ve been really impressed with their teas thus far, so I think I’ve every reason to be optimistic.

And I can say that my faith in Della Terra Teas is not misplaced!  This is really quite good.  The pear flavor is delicious and sweet … even juicy, reminiscent of a ripe pear.  It tastes very authentic to me, this doesn’t taste like an artificial pear taste.

It is a bit sweet, and I am sure that has a bit to do with the candy bits in the blend that melt when coming in contact with the hot water while it brews.  But I don’t mind the sweetness, and I’m not finding it to be too sweet or cloying.

And I like that even though the pear flavoring is strong here, it doesn’t overpower the black tea.  It is a mellow, pleasant black tea with a moderate amount of astringency, not overly robust (I think a stronger or bolder black tea would have overpowered the more delicate notes of the pear, and I really like the way the pear flavor is represented here), and very satisfying to drink.  Not something you’d want for that eye-opening, first cup of the day, but, more of a tea that you’d want for an afternoon pick-me-up … it would also make a great dessert tea!

Overall, a really good pear tea, and an excellent way to start off my 12 Days of Tea countdown!  Be sure to stop back by tomorrow at about the same time to see what tea Della Terra sent to me for the Second day of Christmas!

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