Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake Honeybush from 52Teas

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Honeybush

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tisane Description:

There are some blends I create that actually make me feel like an evil genius. This is one of those blends.

I’m really tempted to just say: Muah – ha – ha! and leave it at that.

Here’s our caffeine-free African honeybush with organic cacao nibs, marigold petals and natural and organic flavors. If this doesn’t cure your sweet-tooth, I’m not sure I can help you.

Learn more about this flavored honeybush here.

Taster’s Review:

There was a time when I absolutely refused to try peanut butter flavored teas.   I can’t explain exactly what it was about them that made me so squeamish, but, the thought of a peanut butter flavored tea just … well, it just didn’t do it for me.  And, just as I can’t really explain why I didn’t want to try a peanut butter flavored tea back then, I can’t really explain why I got over it.  And the only explanation I have is pretty … well, it’s weird.

See, I tried a Salted Peanut taffy.  And this taffy was the best taffy I had ever tasted.  And somehow, from that experience, I put together in my head that I would enjoy peanut butter teas too.

I know, I told you it was a weird explanation.  Sometimes, I think that I share a brain with Zaphod Beeblebrox.

Anyway, one thing that my brain did get right is that I would enjoy a peanut butter tea … because I AM enjoying this Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake flavored Honeybush.  It’s actually really yummy.

I can taste the peanut butter and the chocolate.  It doesn’t taste weird or thick the way that real peanut butter tastes, and I think that is what may have turned me off on peanut butter flavored teas in the past.  I think I must have thought that the texture would be weird … but it isn’t.  It has an ordinary tisane-ish texture … it’s light and smooth.

The cheesecake flavor is well-defined.  It tastes creamy and tangy tasting, and it is such a wonderful contrast to the sweet peanut butter cup notes.  I even taste the honeybush here, and the natural nutty flavor of the honeybush goes together very well with these flavors.  As the tisane cools, I notice a bit of the buttery crust come through … just a bit of it though.

I really like the way the flavors come together here.  And now that I’ve actually TRIED a peanut butter tea, I feel just a wee bit sad for what I’ve been missing out on with Frank’s other Peanut Butter blends!

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