Chocolate Chili Truffle from Spire Tea

spireteaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Tea Description:

Unveil the sweet and spicy layers in our Chili Truffle tea made with Ceylon black tea; chili, chocolate and peppercorns.

Learn more about Spire Tea on their website.

Taster’s Review:

This tea isn’t technically a “chai” by what we here in the United States have come to call chai, however, the spiciness of this tea is very warming and reminds me of a chai, so I decided to categorize it as such.

I really like this a lot!  Then again, that should not be surprising, given my love for chocolate.  And when I shop for chocolate, I often find myself looking for (and purchasing) chocolates that are chili infused … I love the combination of sweet (or bittersweet) chocolate with spicy foods.  The sweetness of the chocolate tempers the heat from the spice just enough while the notes from the spice cut through some of the sweeter notes of the chocolate to keep it from tasting so sweet.  I love that contrast.

And that contrast has been captured perfectly in this cup of tea.

The black tea is a mellower black tea base – a Ceylon – but, it does its job here well.  It supports the flavors of chocolate and chili very nicely without getting in their way.  It is a strong enough Ceylon to be tasted without overpowering the spicy chocolate notes.

The chocolate – while it could be stronger (I do love my chocolate!) offers a rich, creamy taste that is more like dark chocolate than of milk chocolate … although if you prefer a milk chocolate taste that can be easily remedied by turning this into a latte.  It adds a nice texture to the cup too, it tastes really rich and decadent!

And the chili adds just the right amount of heat.  I would classify it as a mild-to-medium heat, it isn’t super-spicy, even as the heat builds as I continue to sip, I never feel it becoming TOO spicy for my mouth.   Just a really enjoyable, warm heat.

A really lovely tea from Spire … this one might be my favorite yet from them!

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