Earl Grey #1 from Kally Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Kally Tea

Tea Description:

This is a traditional favorite in most western cultures. Our #1 blend is created with high grown Sri Lanka Ceylon tea, along with citrus bergamot fruit flavoring oils, not artificial flavorings. These flavorings do not mask the taste and characteristics of the tea itself. We here at Kally Tea felt this blend deserves a #1 behind it as the taste is traditional Earl Grey, but yet has a very distinct characteristic that other Earl Greys do not match. As our product line expands, we will present to you other blends that are of equal quality, but will have different traits. So please enjoy this first offering; Earl Grey #1!

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Taster’s Review:

I’ve said it on numerous occasions, and I’ll say it again:  I love Earl Grey!

There have been many stories told about how Earl Grey tea came to be, I really don’t care about the legends and tall tales behind it, I’m just glad that it did happen, that somehow someone out there decided to combine the essence of bergamot and black tea together to create this marvelous drink.  There are few teas out there that make me happier than a good cup of Earl Grey!

What does surprise me is how different they can all be.  It seems like every tea company out there has an Earl Grey … but they aren’t all the same.  So, it amazes me (and kind of irritates me, if I’m being honest) when I hear of someone claiming they don’t like Earl Grey.  I want to ask them “How many Earl Grey teas have you tried?”  “Which Earl Greys have you tried?”  Because it’s such a generalized statement to proclaim that someone dislikes Earl Grey.

I mean, yes, there are some pretty grody Earl Grey teas out there (Yes, I was a valley girl), but for every bad Earl Grey tea that there is, there are at least two or three good ones, and at least one or two AMAZING ones.  This Earl Grey #1 from Kally Teas falls somewhere in between the good and amazing.  It isn’t the best Earl Grey that I’ve had, but it is definitely a good one, and perhaps even a bit better than just good!

This is really CLASSIC Earl Grey.  It is bergamot and black tea.  The bergamot is good and strong and has a vibrant flavor and aroma.  It is distinctly bergamot.  It doesn’t have a fake, perfume-y kind of taste to it.  It tastes like tangy citrus fruit with notes of flower.

The black tea is a strong tea – a Ceylon, which I typically think of as mild, but here it plays a stronger role than I anticipated!  It has a fair amount of astringency that starts off soft and gradually builds, and then begins to taper off as the tea cools off.  I suspect if served iced, this would have only a mild amount of astringency.  Served hot, it has some, but, I don’t find it bothersome, in fact, I think it enhances the bergamot flavor.

Overall, a very good cup of Earl Grey – this is one I’d be happy to have on hand for that time when I just NEED some Earl Grey!  And I have those moments often!

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