Dragonwell Lung Ching from The Kiosque

Dragonwell Lung Ching
Dragonwell Lung Ching from The Kiosque

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Green

Where to Buy: The Kiosque

Tea Description:

Hand picked spring growth offers exquisite green notes. Sweetish with light layers of astringency.

History: Lung Ching Tea – also known as Dragonwell is produced by hand through a 10-part process. The side of West Lake in Zhejiang Province grows the tea used to produce Dragonwell. Dragonwell is distinguished by its beautiful shape, emerald colour, scented smell and tending sweet floral character. Legend has it that in 250 AD a Taoist monk affirmed that there must be a dragon lurking in a certain spring not far from Hangchow. The monk implored the well dragon to come to the rescue of the poor farmers suffering a crippling drought. Instantly, the clouds came rushing in from every side and poured forth a timely rain. One account of this, an old temple adjoining the spring is known as Dragon’s Well Monastery, and this tea derives its name from the same legend.

Tea facts
Country: China
Region: Zhejiang
Ingredients: Luxury Green Tea

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Dragonwell Lung Ching as far as I can recollect is the first tea I have sampled from The Kiosque. Thanks to a Steepster friend I am getting to try this light, lovely, green tea, and a new tea company. The leaves look much greener in person than in the photo.

The flavor is that of a very light and refreshing, and somewhat sweet brew.

This truly is not like any green tea I have had before. There is really no remarkable vegetative flavor, nor any buttery or nuttiness. It has my interest.

The sweetness I had mentioned tends to learn toward the side of caramel but its not a heavy note.

I think this would be a great green for those who want the health benefits but don’t particularly like green teas. For me, its a bit simplistic, and lack luster. Its not bad, please don’t get me wrong. It is good enough that I do want to try more teas by The Kiosque and I will, its not a turn off, just not something that is making me want to purchase a tin.

What I do want to mention though is that the person who gave me this sample seems to love it and that says a lot as she has very good taste in tea! That is the beauty of tea though, there are so many kinds we can all find the ones we adore.

Now I will note that the mouthfeel of this tea is creamy, very creamy, and I like that – a lot. Yet I do miss the buttery, nutty nature that many greens have that this one is lacking.

Overall a very nice tea, and it does offer something different from other green teas, whats not to love, variety is the spice of life!

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