Champagne Rose from Lupicia

Lupicia Champagne Rose'
Lupicia Champagne Rose’

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Lupicia

Tea Description: 

Black tea flavored with sweet strawberries and champagne. Perfect as a festive gift.

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Taster’s Review:

I love champagne and wine infused teas. This Champagne Rose from Lupicia Tea is one of my favorites. I really enjoy that this is blended with black tea rather than white which is rare as most champagne infused teas are in a white tea base due to the more delicate nuisances of white tea and the lighter flavor of champagne but Lupicia has figure out a way to make a black tea really sparkle with champagne flavor!

Now technically this is called Champagne Rose’ not Rose, but for the sake of finding it in the database here I left off the ‘ on Rose’. There is no rose in this tea. Rose’ would reference more of a pink champagne flavor due to the strawberries I suppose.

The strawberry notes are on the light side but oh so wonderful! The tea tastes just like fresh juicy strawberry. Mixed with the sparkling note of champagne we have ourselves a real winner.

The black base is that of a generic black tea, hearty and robust, with no real hints of maltiness, or cocoa elements. In other words fairly non de-script, except for just the right hint of astringency to compliment the champagne flavor note. I think somehow that slight astringency works with the flavors of this tea as not to outshine the delicate notes of strawberry or champagne, yet adding just the slight touch of dryness and astringency you would find in champagne.

I adore Lupicia Tea and have only found one or two out of all their blends that I did not enjoy throughly. Usually that is due to them being a red rooibos blend, I am simply not fond of red rooibos. Other than that, for me, Lupicia Teas are one of my favorite brands.

As a person who does not consume alcohol, this Strawberry Rose from Lupicia is my celebratory tea!

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