We’re Back with Another Giveaway!

This contest is now closed!  Please keep watching our site for more giveaways – on their way!!!

Hello Everyone!  After just a short break during our Season of Giveaways, we are back with an amazing offer that will result in not just one winner at it’s conclusion – but THREE winners!  Wowza!

uniqteas9This week’s giveaway is sponsored by a company that I only recently discovered:  Uniq Teas!  This company recently contacted us with an offer for each of the SororiTea Sisters to create their own unique blend.  Here’s my review of my tea, that I call Sweet & Sassy SororiTea.  It’s a delicious blend of black teas flavored with caramel, almond and masala chai spices!  It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, and a whole lot yummy!  Be sure to watch for additional reviews on our other blends from TeaEqualsBliss (SororiTea’s Tri Pi Chai) and Azzrian (Nutty & Sweet SororiTea) … coming soon!

In the meantime, this amazing company would like to extend their offer to three of our lucky readers via this giveaway.  That’s right!  Visit their website now, and create your own blend!  You can do this FREE!  Just register an account on their website and start creating.  Once you’ve created your blend, come back here, and comment on this blog post.  Tell us about the blend you’ve created, and include a link back to the newly created blend so that we can check it out!

What I love about Uniq Teas is not only are we able to create and order our own unique blends, but we can also shop through the amazing assortment of blends that other people have come up with, and try those too!

So be sure to make it a great blend – something you want to drink, because at the end of the giveaway, I’ll be selecting (via Random.org) not just one, but THREE lucky winners to win a tin (these tins are beautiful – complete with your own label artwork!) filled with their own unique creation shipped right to their door, courtesy of Uniq Teas!

Your entry will be your comment that includes a link to the page of your creation.  Your comment should also include a way for us to get in touch with you (your email address or let us know your Steepster User ID so that we can PM you)  so that we can get in touch with you if you’re one of the lucky THREE winners this week!

Additional entries can be earned by doing the following:

  1. Tweet about this contest.  Be sure to include a link to the contest as well as @SororiTeaSister on tweet so that we can easily find the tweet, and mention that you tweeted in the comments section, so that we can add your entry to the drawing.
  2. Share this contest on Facebook.  Let your Facebook friends know about this contest by writing about it on your Facebook page, and include a link to the contest on your Facebook page, so that your friends can easily access the contest information, and come back here and let us know that you’ve done this, and provide a link so that we can check out your Facebook page.
  3. Like Uniq Teas on Facebook!  This is a real simple step that can earn you an extra entry.  Be sure to tell us that you’ve done this in the comment section so that we can add your entry.
  4. Follow Uniq Teas on Twitter!  Another easy entry!  Be sure to let us know that you’re following Uniq Teas on Twitter so that you receive your entry.
  5. Follow Uniq Teas on Pinterest!  Easy peasy!  Be sure to let us know that you’re following Uniq Teas on Twitter so that you receive your entry.
  6. And how about TWO bonus entries?  Just share your newly created tea on Pinterest!  The Uniq Teas gallery of teas shows all the amazing teas that have been created, and use that gallery to add a photo of your tea blend to one of your Pinterest Boards,t hen come back here and include a link back to the photo you’ve pinned.  Your Pin should include a link back to this contest so that your Pinterest followers can check out the contest for themselves!

So … you are able to earn up to SEVEN additional entries by following these simple steps!  Awesome!

This contest is open to US residents.  You can enter to win now through January 1o, 2013.  On January 11, I will select THREE winners via Random.org, and contact them.  You will have three days from that time to respond to the inquiry – this is for verification purposes so that we can forward your information to Uniq Teas so time is of the essence! Once we have verified your status, you could be announced as one of our lucky winners this week!

What a great way to start the new year – with your very own creation from Uniq Teas!  I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

24 thoughts on “We’re Back with Another Giveaway!

  1. Just had my Nutty & Sweet SoroiTEA last night and LOVED it! My review is forthcoming. I think that UniqTeas really got it right!
    Good luck to all who enter!

    1. Mmm… If you win, you absolutely must review that somewhere! This sounds nuts, but if cherry almond hand lotion smells that good, cherry almond tea must be divine.

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking! I love the mix of cherry and almond, and I thought it might be interesting or exciting to add just a little touch of chai, just for some warm spice! If I win, I will definitely review it, probably on Steepster!

  2. I should like to try this one more time and hope it takes, but for some reason it hasn’t accepted my entry all afternoon…

    LIKED you on Facebook… FOLLOWED you on Twitter… bought all the Zack Ryder merchandise at… Oh. wrong thread.

    Followed UniqTeas on twitter, and tweeted the contest: https://twitter.com/Novileigh/status/287650168130637825

    Liked it on facebook and facebooked it at: https://www.facebook.com/jay.cos.9

    Also liked UniqTeas on pintrest, and pintrested the tea: http://pinterest.com/pin/404620347741359680/

    As you can tell, this tea is of the utmost importance. It was inspired by Clueless, the 90s movie, and is called Dionne Cher-ry Tai. The chai is for Dionne, who’s real last name reminds me of Mrs. Dash mixed spices. Cherry Sakura is for the delicate flower, Cher. and Two Fruits and a Nut brings their quite nutty friend Tai into the mix!

    I’m pretty sure I overthought this. I’m Novi on Steepster.

      1. No worries, even though our time stamp is the East Coast, I’m on the west coast, and since I’m the one doing the contest … your entry is still good to go. 🙂 Thanks for entering!

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