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Oolong Tea

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Season: 2012 Spring (roasted in 2012 May)
Altitude: approximately 1100 meter above sea level
Varietal: Qingxin Oolong (Green Heart)
Origin: Jia Yi County (Ali mountain area), Taiwan
Charcoal Fire Medium Roast
Packing Method: Vacuum packaging
Note: actual packaging may be different from the photos
Note: tea canister not available for size 75 g / 2.63 oz and samples
Oolong tea is also known as Wulong tea, Black Dragon tea and Oolong slimming tea.
Alishan Oolong is also known as Arishan Oolong, Ari Mountain Oolong and Ali Mountain Oolong.
The picture of the brewed tea below is for reference only, NOT actual photo. The real brewed tea has a similar color depending on steeping time.

More Details

This quality Alishan Charcoal Fire Medium Roast Oolong is handpicked, handcrafted and produced from Alishan oolong. Use only the charcoal made of either Taiwan Longan wood or Taiwan Acacia wood to roast the tea (NOT by electric roasters), and follow old traditional method. This tea has a strong charcoal aroma and taste mixing with flavors of Alishan oolong. The aftertaste is enjoyable and long lasting. It tastes very smooth, sweet, rich and complex, and stands up very well to multiple infusions.

Alishan Charcoal Fire Medium Roast Oolong tea is grown in the Alishan mountain range located in the mountains of Chiayi County in Taiwan. Alishan is a popular attraction among domestic as well as international tourists, and it has become one of the major landmarks associated with Taiwan. The area is also world famous for its production of quality high mountain oolong tea.

The stylish tea canister we select for our quality Alishan Charcoal Fire Medium Roast Oolong has a copper wall and a characteristic picture of Alishan oolong printed on it along with Alishan Oolong Tea in Chinese. The reserve quality of the canister offers exceptional function for tea storage to protect your tea from damage caused by light, air and moisture.

The process of producing this Alishan Charcoal Fire Medium Roast Oolong is complex and time-consuming. The tea masters follow old traditional method, and use only the charcoal made of either Longan wood or Taiwan Acacia wood to roast the tea (NOT by electric roasters) to make sure the charcoal aroma and taste of the tea is rich, complex and enjoyable.

Alishan tea region is located in Jia Yi County (Ali mountain area) in Taiwan central mountain range.

Your satisfactions are our priorities. To ensure that you have a great shopping experience with us, we include a three gram free sample for the purchase of this tea, excluding sample sizes and 75 g / 2.63 oz. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return the tea (unopened original packaging) within 20 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price. For more details, please see Help: Return Policy.

The competition brewing style uses three grams of oolong tea leaves (the size of our free sampler) in 120 ml of boiling water for 5 minutes. Although not optimal, the method is widely used by professionals for objective evaluation of an oolong tea. If you look for a tasting set, our quality 120 cc oolong tea tasting set is as low as $5.99 available at the category of Teaware.

Tasters Review:

This is Alishan – a Medium Charcoal – that sums it up!

The Alishan is lovely and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to still taste it the way I was hoping…but I can and I’m VERY pleased!

The Charcoal flavor is pretty good as well!  At first I thought it was a bit stronger than what I would consider Medium-Roasted but after a few sips I totally agree!

Right in the middle of the sip I can taste a welcoming creaminess ‘sandwiched’ in between the roasted and charcoal tastes at the beginning and end of the sip.

This is a nifty Charcoal/Alishan! Then again…it’s from T-oolongtea and I’ve enjoyed just about everything I’ve tried from them!  Very good quality Oolongs!

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