Longjing Tea from Infussion

LongjingTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Infussion

Tea Description:

This is the tea which early harvests gets the highest prices on the market out of all green teas. It’s very potent and exquisite. The taste is uncommon for green tea with strong vegetal and nutty notes accompanied by the blissful sweetness. It’s aroma is very delicate and refreshing. Dragon Well tea is A MUST for every tea enthusiast. It also has unbelievable potential for converting non-drinkers – it is that good!  We think everyone should try this tea, that’s why we’re offering it so cheap despite good quality. Give yourself a chance to taste the unmistakable Longjing.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I do love a good Dragon Well tea so when Infussion approached me and asked me which of their teas I’d like to try, I decided to include this one … I find it so interesting that with all the different Dragon Well teas that I’ve tried from different companies, that some taste better than others … I mean, part of me thinks that if you’ve tried one, you’ve tried them all, but, that is absolutely not the case!  This Longjing Tea from Infussion is definitely one of the BETTER ones that I’ve tried.

The aroma of the dry leaf is very fresh, with a scent that evokes thoughts of something between freshly mown grass and seaweed.  The fragrance of the brewed tea is a little more delicate than that of the dry leaf, but, still quite similar to this.  It’s a very sweet, bright scent, reminiscent of the early days of spring, when the new green leaves and fresh buds of grass are beginning to form and their smells fill the air, and in these cold days of winter, those spring days are definitely a welcome thought!

This tastes so vibrant!  Sweet and leafy-green-ish, like steamed spinach that’s been topped with a drizzle of melted butter.  It is a mild and fresh taste, very soothing and relaxing … but at the same time, the green taste has an energizing quality to it too.  It’s one of those teas that I can imagine drinking any time of the day … if I want a quick pick-me-up, this tea will do the trick … then again, if I want something to help calm the nerves after a busy day, this tea can do that too.

A really wonderful Dragon Well!  I recommend it highly as a must-try for green tea lovers!

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