Organic Simply Strawberry Green Tea from Kally Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Kally Tea

Tea Description:

Here is an elegant green tea blended with sweet succulent strawberries creating a light balanced flavored tea. The sweet strawberry aroma arrives as you first add the water to your cup. When you take the first sip, you will relish the delicate green tea flavor with the background flavor of the strawberries. Seems like spring in a cup! Wonderful!

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Taster’s Review:

It is cold outside, and while I DO prefer this weather over warm weather (hot tea tastes so much better when it’s cold outside, don’t you agree?) that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate a journey of the mind that takes me outside the scope of the reality that it’s cold outside.  Take this Simply Strawberry Green Tea from Kally Tea, for example.  The delicious, bright flavor of strawberry combined with the fresh, lush green tea taste takes me on a seasonal voyage to the days in spring when we start to see the first fresh strawberries at the local produce stand.

And while I do prefer cold weather to the warmer days of spring, that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the thought of the warmth of spring and the fresh juicy strawberries it brings!  So sweet and luscious!

This tea also has pineapple in it, and the pineapple offers a very compelling element to the cup.  The two flavors – strawberry and pineapple – are both sweet-tart kinds of fruit, and they meld together very well.  Some of the acidic nature of the pineapple brings out the berry tartness, and that tartness lingers into the aftertaste.  But as tart is not always my favorite flavor, I like that there is a balance between the two contrasting characteristics.  I find that the sweet flavor of both fruit complement each other nicely here.

And the sweet, creamy taste of the green tea base is not missed in the sip, either.  It has a very pleasing, smooth taste that is not grassy or bitter, and has very little astringency.  It’s just sweet … and smooth and gives the overall cup a nice round taste.

A very nice cup – one that has me thinking of the coming months and looking forward to strawberry season!

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