Pomegranate Splash from Phoenix Herb Company

Pomegranate Splash
Pomegranate Splash from Phoenix Herb Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Phoenix Herb Company

Tea Description:

This exotic , refreshing tea won second place in the 2009 World Tea Championship in Las Vegas. This medley of flavorful ingredients is excellent as a sun tea, iced tea, or served hot.

Contains: Black Tea, Oils of pomegranate, huckleberry, lemon

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Pomegranate Splash from Phoenix Herb Company is such a refreshing treat! It reminds me of everything about spring. It has this awakening, light, lovely flavor and aroma, that truly refreshes and makes you feel alive.

So the way I came across this tea and company is that a while back I purchased a Living Social deal. I try to grab up as many of those deals as I can as long as they are tea related. I had never heard of Phoenix Herb Company before but they have more than just tea! They have herbs, incense, essential oils, and so much more! This place is right up my alley! Unfortunately on my three attempts to visit the store itself I had problems. The store is a little over an hour from my home, one way. So I planned to go to the store when I had other events to attend in the area. Well lets just say that each time I missed the boat.

Frustrated and defeated I sat looking at my Living Social print out and decided to just see if Phoenix Herb Company would honor my deal online. So I looked over the site, choose the teas I would like to have, and sent them an email. Within a few hours I had an email from Sean of Phoenix Herb Gallery! He was more than happy to honor my deal online! I of course realized there would be some shipping cost so I only selected teas up to 27.50 dollars leaving a little room toward shipping cost from my 30.00 voucher. Now in retrospect I realize he could have said the voucher does not cover shipping, but he didn’t! For the record I do only live one state away but still – what customer service! Sean also threw in several samples of teas that I had not selected – this is one of those free samples!

I am so thrilled that Sean choose this one for me! I was very tempted to order a few of their flavored and belnded teas but opted for straight teas like Bancha, Sencha, Wu Yi Oolong, etc. When I opened this nice sized sample and sniffed it I said “Ahhhhh” out loud.

The first sip was like drinking in a ray of sunshine! Clean, crisp, refreshing, and fruity! The flavor of Pomegranate is spectacular! There is no artificial flavor here and I am choosey about that! I really was not anticipating having a flavored tea this morning but as I looked through my teas, I kept being drawn to this one and I am so glad I went for it. I have had three cups so far – two being re-steeps and I am finding that the tea is actually making me quite perky and cheerful! There is nothing like a really good cup of fruity flavored tea in the morning. Granted I generally trend more toward straight blacks, with the malty depth and complexity, but it is nice to wake up with a cheerful cleansing tea.

I want to add this is not really a very sweet tea, sure there is some fruity sweetness to it but its not cloying or sappy. It is really rather palate cleansing and the after taste is present but does not linger for too long.

Well I am impressed. Both with this tea and with Phoenix Herb Company! I have made it my personal mission to make it INTO their store one day soon, but until I can, and do, I have plenty of wonderful teas to sip on as their prices are excellent as well.

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