Tsuei Luan Tea from Tea from Taiwan

tsuei_luanTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Tea From Taiwan

Tea Description:

Tsuei Luan oolong tea (wulong tea) is grown in the Tsuei Luan district of Li Shan (Pear Mountain). This area is a former fruit producing region which was converted to tea plantations in the late 1970’s. The soil quality of the former orchards is excellent, and the high altitude (more than 2000 meters) of this district provides a cool, moist climate – ideal conditions for growing tea.

Tsuei Luan oolong tea has an exquisitely sweet aroma and interesting flavour profile. The slightly floral taste has a definite fruit undertone – said to be the result of growing tea on orchard land. This tea has a very pleasing flavour that makes it one of the most popular teas amongst Taiwan tea connoisseurs.

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Taster’s Review:

Oh wow… this Tsuei Luan Tea from Tea from Taiwan is superb!

The tightly wound, bright green leaves offer a slight vegetative aroma.  The leaves open slowly, and the tea produced is very pale yellow-green in color, and the fragrance is slightly fruity with hints of flower, and a background note that reminds me of mild, lightly buttered veggies.  It’s sort of savory and sweet at the same time.

With the aroma, I expected a stronger vegetative taste … but this is a mellow vegetal taste, with more emphasis on the sweetness of the tea … I taste sweet flower and sweet fruit, and even sweetness from the vegetative tones.  The sweetness seems to be the highlight of this first cup, which is the combination of my first two infusions, following a quick 10 second rinse.  The mouthfeel is thick, but there is an astringency to it too, which seems to clean the palate from the heaviness of the mouthfeel.  My mouth doesn’t feel like it’s overwhelmed by the thick, heavy mouthfeel because by the time the sip is finished, the astringency seems to wipe the thickness away.  It’s really quite a delightful experience.

My second cup (infusions three and four) becomes less thick and creamy, which allows more of the individual flavors of fruit and flower to come through.  While the first cup was more about the lovely sweetness of this tea, this cup seems to be more about the beautiful fruit and floral notes … as if somehow, Tea from Taiwan has managed to capture the essence of the air of a mountainside of fruit trees while in bloom … that crisp, brisk air as the fruit blossoms weave their magic throughout.

My third and final cup is softer … smoother, and perhaps my favorite cup of the three.  The flavors have become more united in this cup … here, the fruit notes have melded so nicely with the floral tones to create a taste that is mostly fruit, but also touched with the essence of flower  … and just a hint of vegetable in the background.  This cup is significantly lighter than the first, but it is very refreshing.

A very enjoyable tea, this Tsuei Luan Tea, it is one I highly recommend to Oolong enthusiasts!  You really should try it!

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