Crème Caramel from The Tea Spot

da631ba0fdbc3728ba63bc2414a236b6Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  The Tea Spot (Be sure to read the review for information on how to save when you order this tea from The Tea Spot!)

Tea Description:

This delicious, aromatic dessert tea is a blend of premium black tea with real pieces of gourmet caramel that quickly melt into the tea. Gently sweetened, with an enigmatic aroma, this tea is wonderful with milk or on its own. This tea yields a deep burgundy liquor and slightly creamy body. 

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Taster’s Review:

Yummy!  I love the creaminess of this Crème Caramel from The Tea Spot.  I let it cool for a couple of minutes … it’s still hot, but not fresh from the teapot hot, and this has allowed the creaminess to really emerge.  It tastes almost as though I’ve added a splash of cream to the cup … but without the dairy!  I love it when I find a tea like this … one that is creamy without having to add the creamy element.

The black tea base is pleasantly bold and invigorating.  This tea is about the tea first, and the flavor second … and this black tea has a good strength and delicious richness to it that complements the caramel-y tones well.  It is not bitter, but there is an astringency to it that is slightly dry, and I find that appealing because it makes me want to keep sipping!

The caramel flavors are a little subdued here; I taste more creamy taste than I do distinct caramel notes.  Toward the finish I notice some deeply browned, caramelized sugar notes that seem to be there throughout the sip, but, they are more like undercurrents of flavor that really emerge toward the finish.  It makes the flavor more intriguing somehow, as if my palate is searching for these flavors and then boom!  There they are.  Very nice.

If you’re looking for a very heavily flavored caramel tea … you won’t find that here.  Instead, this is more like a creamy experience with lovely notes of caramel … and it is heavily influenced by the tea rather than the flavoring … which is what tea should be, after all.  I really enjoyed this cup.

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