SororiTea’s Tri Pi Chai from UniqTeas

SororiTea’s Tri Pi Chai from UniqTeas
SororiTea’s Tri Pi Chai from UniqTeas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White and Black Tea

Where to Buy: UniqTeas

Tea Description:

Started with a White Chai Base added a hint of Caramel & Raspberry. Aromatic, Spicy, Sweet, fruit and vegetal notes underneath with a overall medium strength flavor. A Sororitea Sisters White/Black Tea Blend.

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Taster’s Review:

Sororitea’s Tri Pi Chai from UniqTeas is really something different when it comes to a chai tea. Generally, but not always, I add a little honey to my chai teas. I prefer them sweeter with some cream, or made into a latte. Most teas I always prefer straight but chai for me is different. I think it is because I was drinking chai long before I was drinking loose leaf tea on a regular basis. Chai was most always what I preferred to get at a Starbucks. I would also buy it in the store already prepared in the container – you know the Tazo brand. I was about to go grab my honey and add it to my cup when I took a sip. I wanted to try the tea straight before hand. Its a good thing that I did because this tea needs absolutely no sweetening. The sweet in this tea is balanced perfectly with the spices which are not too strong. I rather like that as I am not a huge fan of anise which in some chai tends to take over depending on how it is blended. I would say of all the spices in this blend the ginger.

The raspberry and caramel seem to give more of a sweet, yet fresh backdrop and do not drown out the tea leaf itself. I seem to taste the raspberry’s fresh tartness and liveliness more than the caramel which to me just seems to make the cup creamy more than flavored, yet adds to the sweetness which is nice. On that note, the black tea does not over take the delicate flavors of the white tea either.

It is a really good chai, and so different than most as it seems to capture the idea of fresh and lively along with rich and creamy, and spicy, all at the same time.

This would make a wonderful latte!

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