Ginger Sencha from Shanti Tea

ginger-senchaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Shanti Tea

Tea Description:

Ginger Sencha is a warming blend of organic ginger root and organic Japanese sencha. A great green tea for the cold winter months and to help settle an upset stomach.

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Taster’s Review:

When I first started scooping this Ginger Sencha from Shanti Tea out into my teapot, I was a little worried.  There appears to be a whole lot of ginger in this!  I mean, I like ginger, sure, but, with this much ginger, was I going to taste the Japanese Sencha?

Fortunately, Shanti blended this one just right.  Yes, the ginger is strong – and it is warm and soothing … which is especially welcome on this cold, wet winter day.  But it – surprisingly! – does not overwhelm the green tea.  On the contrary, I find there to be a really delightful balance between the tea and ginger here.

The Japanese Sencha tastes sweet and slightly grassy without tasting bitter.  I don’t notice much astringency to this cup, and I suspect this is because the ginger is strong enough to mellow out any astringent overtures.

The ginger is strong, as I’ve already mentioned, and it has a nice, peppery bite, but the soft, buttery taste of the Sencha seems to soften some of the zestier notes that I might otherwise notice with the ginger.

While it may seem a little bit “simple” to combine two ingredients, in this case, Sencha green tea and ginger root, but, even the simpliest blends require the right touch, and this blend from Shanti tea is masterfully combined.  It provides a strong, warm bite from the ginger while still being able to allow the drinker to enjoy the soft, supple taste of the Japanese Sencha.  Well done, Shanti Tea!

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