Vanilla Orchid from David’s Tea

Vanilla Orchid from David's Tea
Vanilla Orchid from David’s Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Oolong

Where to Buy: David’s Tea

Tea Description:

A sweet romance.
We’re still searching for the secret to eternal bliss, but we’re pretty sure one cup of this blend will get you at least five minutes’ worth. It all starts with the very best leaves: a premium oolong from China’s Fujian Province called Huang Jin Gui. A popular wedding gift in China, Huang Jin Gui is prized for its pretty yellow colour and romantic floral scent. Here we bring out this special leaf’s orchid aroma with a touch of vanilla. The result? A perfectly balanced, subtle cup that’s equal parts rich, creamy and floral. Feeling blissful yet?

Ingredients: Huang Jin Gui Oolong from Anxi in Fujian Province, natural vanilla flavouring.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Vanilla Orchid from Davids Tea is in one word – delicious.

Vanilla Orchid has lingering after taste of vanilla when you take a breath almost like a vanilla lip gloss does. Of course if you are a guy, well a guy who does not wear lip gloss anyway, that may be lost on you. The idea though is that this tea is not only a wonderful vanilla flavor but the flavor keeps coming back on the palate reminding you that you must take, can’t resist another sip!

Now it is not all that complex. I feel I could make this – mixing some good vanilla with oolong but with this I don’t have to.

As I said it’s simple – not very complex by any means but still very good.

Anyone who loves vanilla and oolong – plus flavored teas should try it.

The oolong base does do its part. It seems to be a good oolong with a nice base flavor, buttery and nutty which of course work wonderfully with vanilla! Its a light oolong however, and normally I am prone to favor a darker roasted oolong but I still can’t help coming back to this tea, making more.

Now those of you who follow this blog or know me from Steepster, know I am not a huge fan of David’s Teas but now and then one grabs my attention and I must try it. I am glad I gave this one a try. I could easily see this being reordered in the near future.

As for the floral aspect, it does get a little lost but you can taste it now and then. I think if it had a little more of a floral note it would have a better character overall.

The aroma of quality vanilla is nearly overwhelming in the steeped cup but the flavor is a bit more subtle – but then again – it sneaks out, peeks out, and says a big “hello” long after the sip. I appreciate that about this tea. I like a tea that lingers as I go about my day, reminding me “sip some more!”

The leaves are large and gorgeous when steeped, but can really only get 2 infusions before becoming too weak to be re-steep worthy.

The vanilla flavor is that of a really good vanilla bean ice cream or even french vanilla, its really quite creamy and rich. Its a dessert  you can have anytime.

At first the cup confused me, I was not sure if I loved it or if I was just so happy to have something vanilla in my stash, as I do love a vanilla tea, but the more I sipped the more I have found myself going back to it, longing for it. Yes I admit, I have found a David’s Tea product that I really love.

Time for a re-steep!

2 thoughts on “Vanilla Orchid from David’s Tea

  1. If you enjoyed that one, you might enjoy Vanilla Oolong. It tastes like crushed Oreo cookies, but without the cloying sugar. Their Citron Oolong tea is very relaxing and has low caffeine; I brewed it one evening and couldn’t stop yawning! I looked at the sample package that I had received with an online order and it said low caffeine, I had no idea before that!

    I find that visiting a DAVIDsTEA (if possible) is the best way to experience their teas. When I read about a tea on their website that sounds delicious, I usually head into the store for a cup to taste it. I must admit, while I absolutely adore the company, there have been some teas that did not appeal to me at all. If there is no store near you, purchasing the seasonal collection boxes (or a collection of some of their permanent teas, for example the Tiny Tins or The Cocktail Collection) online are a great way to try their teas and not loose too much money on a tea you might not like. Or you know, a Steepster friend may be able to help you there.

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