Butterscotch Tea from Art of Tea

ButterscotchTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Art of Tea

Tea Description:

One of the world’s most beloved confections has found its way into your teacup.  Embrace the buttery warmth of this golden hued white tea infusion as it dances on your palette and illuminates your soul.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This Butterscotch Tea from Art of Tea is tasty … but, I’m not getting a whole lot of butterscotch taste from it … so I’m finding myself a wee bit disappointed.

The white tea is delicious, and the warm cinnamon and hint of peppery taste is quite pleasant.  Although Art of Tea does not mention what kind of organic white tea is used as the base here, I noticed as I decanted it, it smelled very much like a Bai Mu Dan, and the flavor is like a Bai Mu Dan too … so if I had to guess, I’d say this is a Bai Mu Dan (or White Peony) … possibly with a touch of Shou Mei in there, because the flavor is a bit more intense than some White Peony teas that I’ve encountered.  It is earthy and slightly vegetative, with crisp notes of hay … reminding me of the taste of the air that surrounds a haystack.

The cinnamon and pepper notes are more like “suggestions” of flavor than strong tastes.  The white tea is definitely the strongest flavor of this cup.  I like the way the earthy notes of the cinnamon come forward in this cup … it is as though the earthiness of the white tea has enhanced the sometimes elusive earthy notes of the cinnamon, and here it is quite enjoyable.

But … as I mentioned in the first paragraph … the butterscotch is woefully absent here.  I don’t taste much of anything that tastes like butterscotch to me.  The only time I think I might taste butterscotch is when I try to really focus on what I’m tasting … and I think this is more of a case of my mind telling me that I am tasting butterscotch than my palate telling me that I am.

A tasty yet disappointing cup.  I wish I could taste the butterscotch I was promised in the name of this tea … but, I still finished the cup, because I enjoyed the white tea, cinnamon and peppery flavors.

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