Tropical Pineapple from The Persimmon Tree

Tropical Pineapple from The Persimmon Tree
Tropical Pineapple from The Persimmon Tree

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Green

Where to Buy: The Persimmon Tree 

Tea Description:

The sweet and refreshing Pineapple Green tea comprises organic green loose-leaf tea hand-crafted with tropical flavors of pineapple, mango and papaya. Enjoy this tasty pineapple tea at any time of day.

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Steep 1-2 tsp at 175deg for 1-3 mins

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Taster’s Review:

Tropical Pineapple from The Persimmon Tree really makes me feel like listening to Jimmy Buffet music, or Calypso music. I tried this hot first, just because I do all my reviews sipping on hot tea, but then I had to toss some ice into the cup because mmmmmm it is SO very extra good iced! I even went against my “no sweetener” grain on this one and added some rock sugar because it becomes this incredible tropical island get away treat that way! It feels like I swam up to a bar at a fancy resort and ordered this tea! Now, if only I could find an island that has a swim up tea bar! But hey this is my fantasy world here and your welcome to join me but for now I should get back to the review on this fine tea!

The organic green base has just the right amount of butteriness to make the tropical fruit flavors really pop! There is also a natural sweetness to the tea base with just a slight amount of astringency which to me only makes it seem more like a mixed drink beverage.

This is a tea you could serve family, the neighbors, your friends, or even the kids on a hot summer day, that is if you serve it iced of course.

The pineapple notes are excellent, but at the same time its not overdone to where it tastes like your drinking the syrup from a can of pineapple cuts. Its light enough to be refreshing yet sweet and fruity enough to appease the desire for something a little more than just a good green base tea. There is nothing fakey tasting about the flavors either which is a huge bonus!

I love the mixture of the fruit flavors, because its not just a pineapple flavor in here but more like a tropical punch without all the cloying syrup junk. I get a bit more of a mango flavor than a papaya flavor myself, but I have had far more mangos in my day than papayas so it is probably just easier for me to pick that flavor out.

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