Passion Fruit Wulong from Red Leaf Tea

Passion Fruit Wulong from Red Leaf Tea
Passion Fruit Wulong from Red Leaf Tea

Passion Fruit Wulong from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Oolong, Wulong

Where to Buy: Red Leaf Tea 

Tea Description:

Wulong tea has become quite popular in recent years, owing mostly to its reputed weight reducing properties. In any case, Wulong offers a brisk, strong flavor and vibrant aftertaste that will make it a delicious choice even if you are not trying to lose weight. This particular blend has added fruity touches courtesy of the passion fruit and other assorted real fruit pieces for a tea that is exceptional in flavor and aroma.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Passion Fruit Wulong from Red Leaf Tea is a gentle, delicate, dainty tea! How perfect that I decided to use my gorgeous pink with golden swirl teacups! I feel dainty drinking this sweet, juicy, fruity tea!

The Wulong aroma is present but it may have needed more steep time to give me that Wulong punch I am used to.

This is so subtle yet enticing with its flavoring. I could see this being the perfect tea for a young girls tea party, to introduce new tea drinkers to finer teas, etc. Brewed double strength I can absolutely see how this would be a wonderful iced tea as well.

Yes, I do like this one quite a bit. I tend to lean toward stronger flavors personally but this tea has really hit its mark with a soft warm gentle glow.

Passion Fruit Wulong has a strong buttery aroma, with fruity notes jumping up for attention. The flavor of passion fruit, and mango, perhaps even some papaya come out to play then to finish there is a  lingering flavor of melon, perhaps honeydew or cantaloupe.

At 4.99 for 1.6 ounce its a steal!

Next time you are picking up some of the amazing matcha from Red Leaf Tea be sure to snag some of this as well!

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