Tropical Heaven Oolong from Kally Tea

TropicalHeavenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Kally Tea

Tea Description:  

This luscious treat begins with an exciting characteristic green Oolong. Then we’ve added marigold, safflowers and finished with tropical flavoring. The aromas and the tastes that unite in this tropical delight make you just want to…

“LIMBO!! How low can you go?” (Insert island music here…)

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Taster’s Review:

Oh wow!  This is really yummy!  The flavor of this Tropical Heaven Oolong from Kally Tea is intense!  I love that while the tropical flavors are strong, I still taste the Oolong.  It tastes sweet, fruity and creamy … and yes … heavenly!

The Oolong tea adds a touch of creaminess to the cup as well as a light vegetative tone and a very pleasant sweetness that enhances the sweetness of the tropical flavors.  While Kally Tea does not go in to detail about which flavors are in this Tropical Heaven … I definitely taste pineapple.  Perhaps some mango and/or papaya.  My first sip, I noted a flavor that tasted remarkably like peach, although that could have been the Oolong as I often associate the fruity tones of an Oolong tea to be very peach-like.  The fruit tones are very smooth and sweet.  Only hints of tartness just to keep the palate’s interest piqued.

I love how smooth this cup of tea is.  The fruit flavors are sweet and are washed in a creaminess that is absolutely delectable … it almost tastes like a flavored milk Oolong … that’s how creamy this tea is!  It’s one of those teas that disappear from your cup so fast you wonder if someone has been drinking the tea out of your cup when you’re not looking!  Before I knew it, my cup was empty, and I resteeped the leaves.  The flavors are less intense with the second infusion, but still very present and absolutely delicious – this is definitely worth the second (and even a third!) infusion.

A really great flavored Oolong – a truly yummy cuppa!

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