Chocolate Chai Pu-erh Tea from Della Terra Teas


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Pu-erh

Where to Buy:  Della Terra Teas

Tea Description:

This tea has all that you love about chai, the spice and the clove, blended just right with chocolate!  Made with Pu-Erh tea it gives it a dark, rich, spicy flavor that, for the chai, chocolate or Pu-Erh lover, will having you steeping another cup before you know it!  The chai hits you at first sip and and the chocolate soon follows.  Delicious tea for all who love a nice, dark, rich tea!

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Taster’s Review:

This Chocolate Chai Pu-erh Tea from Della Terra Teas is a very tasty take on the traditional spiced chai blend.  It has what I’d expect from a chai –  exotic spices that taste warm and comforting – plus CHOCOLATE which you know I am loving … all with a rich, mellow Pu-erh base.

The Pu-erh provides a really solid background of flavor that is earthy and flavorful, without being extraordinarily robust.  The Pu-erh complements both the chocolate and the spices here … the earthiness of the Pu-erh works so nicely with the earthy notes of the spices, while the rich flavor of the Pu-erh enhances the rich, sweet flavor of the chocolate.

I am also liking the way the orange comes in to play here.  It isn’t a strong orange flavor — it kind of tastes like someone might have squeezed a few drops of fresh orange into my cup.  It brightens the cup just a touch without offering a real pronounced citrus-y flavor.  It tastes a little bit like someone liquefied one of those chocolate oranges and added a little drizzle of the liquid confection into my teacup along with the tea.  Deliciously intriguing.

This is a really well-conceived cuppa … I found it very enjoyable to drink without any additions … although a little bit of turbinado sugar does bring out the spices just a bit and gives a nice sweetness to the chocolate.  I bet it would be good as a latte too … but I found it really delicious without the dairy!  Try it both ways and see which way you like it best … but you’ve got to try this.  This one is a must try for spiced chocolate lovers!

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