Lemon Souffle from White Lion

White Lion Tea Logo
White Lion Tea Logo

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: White

Where to Buy: White Lion Tea

Tea Description:

White tea leaves, tart juicy lemons, vanilla and caramel essence.

Available in loose leaf, and sachets.

Sample size also available.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I have searched high and low for a tea like Lemon Souffle from White Lion. This tea is exceptional. I knew I wanted something creamy, because I am a big fan of lemon desserts, and I knew I wanted something some what sweet for that reason. I also knew I did not want the tea so sweet that it was cloying or unnatural flavored. I wanted to taste the lemon but I didn’t want it to make me pucker. Even though the description does say “tart juicy lemons”, it is not a puckering sour lemon. I wanted to be able to taste the base tea, and therefor I really did not search out white bases too often because I was concerned that the base would get lost among the flavorings. With the exception of a handful of companies, blended teas are not often accompanied by quality base teas, rather the companies defer to the flavoring components to make up for the base. Not in this case! What we have here, is a perfect creamy lemon tea in a flavorful white base.

The vanilla and caramel essence do not take over the cup, but rather play supporting roles, helping the tea taste like a lemon creme brulee or lemon cream tart.

I had ordered only two sampler sized teas from White Lion and the box I received was simply awe inspiring! Now I admit, I am a sucker for a pretty package, but for ordering only a mere two samples, which arrived in such lovely tins, the box that it arrived in was nothing sort of complete elegance! You can see photos of the packaging here. Forgive my iPhone photos please. My photos truly do not do the package justice.

After sampling the Lemon Souffle I knew I had to make a larger order right away because this is THE lemon tea that I have been looking for!

Customer Service from White Lion has been excellent thus far. They were out of the glass jar containers I so desired and offered me an option to wait for more to be in stock or to have my tea shipped in their plastic containers. I opted to wait, as I really do love those corked topped glass jars.

Example of White Lion Glass Jar
Example of White Lion Glass Jar

For the record, the other tea that I bought a sample of was also amazing and I ordered a larger jar of that as well.

If you want a tea, in a tasty white base, that reminds you of a gourmet lemon cream dessert, then don’t hesitate to try Lemon Souffle from White Lion. You will feel like royalty when you open your box, and be quite pleased with yourself for placing an order when you sip their teas!

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