Winter Warmer Black Tea Blend from Grey’s Teas


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Grey’s Teas

Tea Description:

Looks good, ..smells good, …tastes good. Just the reassurance you need on a cold winter’s evening. China tea with citrus peels and cloves. Perfect.

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Taster’s Review:

This Winter Warmer Black Tea Blend from Grey’s Tea is a really nice alternative to the typical “orange spice” winter blend.  Other orange spice blends often overwhelm the palate with spicy notes … nothing wrong with that, of course, because I like spicy tea, but, sometimes, it’s nice to have something on the gentle side.

This Winter Warmer is just that.  Warmly spiced, but gently so.  The clove is exotically sweet and has a comforting, cozy kind of flavor to it without going over the top.  The citrus brightens the cup but does not overpower the flavor of the black tea.  The orange-y notes taste sweet, a little tangy, but it isn’t overdone.

The black tea is really the star of this cup, and that – in my opinion – is just the way it should be.  The black tea tastes robust with a mild-to-moderate amount of astringency which is accented by the citrus notes.

This is a really nice black tea – one that maybe isn’t quite strong enough to serve as a breakfast tea alternative … but instead, one I’d like to sip in the afternoon – it’s something that would warm me up and energize me at the same time.

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