Milkie Way Candy Bar Tea from Dori’s Tea Cottage


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Dori’s Tea Cottage

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Tea Description:

Just like your favorite candy bar, this tea is a yummy blend of chocolate-, cream- and caramel-flavored premium black teas. All the taste of a chocolate and caramel sweet — without the calories!

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Taster’s Review:

This is really yummy!  I don’t know if this Milkie Way Candy Bar Tea from Dori’s Cottage tastes just like a candy bar, but, I do taste the flavors of chocolate, caramel and vanilla cream, along with a rich tasting black tea base, and I am really enjoying the taste of this.

The flavoring is about on even keel with the black tea base – that is to say, that while don’t think that the black tea stands out as the strongest taste in this cup, I don’t think that the chocolate, cream and caramel flavors are overwhelming the cup either.  There’s a good balance between flavoring and tea.

This is a very flavorful black tea – I suspect it is a Ceylon, but it very good quality one.  It has a rich taste to it, and I don’t know if it’s this particular combination of flavors that enhances it, but I do taste an ever-so-slight smoky note as well as hint of earth.  There are notes of fruit … very distant notes, but I taste them.

There is a nice level of chocolate flavoring here, and I like the way it mingles with the aforementioned slightly smoky tones.  It brings out the roasted flavor of the cacao.  The caramel is sweet with a vague bitter burnt-sugar note.  And then there is the cream which gives the overall cup a very luscious, sweet, creamy taste.

A very enjoyable cuppa, delicious hot or cold – very nice as a latte!

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