Taiwan Oolong Black Tea from Nuvola Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Nuvola Tea

Tea Description:

Oolong Black Tea is a special black tea created from Oolong Tea.  The infusion has a rich amber colour with a luxurious fruity flavour and a smooth mouth-feel. It is not only great as a hot drink that can retain its flavour even after multiple infusions, but also is delightfully refreshing when served cold – a delicious diversion from the everyday.

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Taster’s Review:

This is so good!  I’m nearly finished with my first cup of this Taiwan Oolong Black Tea from Nuvola Tea, and I’m finding it difficult to put the cup down long enough to write about it!  It is so delicious!

The aroma wafting from the cup is sweet and woodsy … reminding me a bit of the air here in the Pacific Northwest after a rain.  Go out to the forest-y areas after a good rain and you’ll know the smell I’m talking about:  slightly earthy, with notes of aged wood and a hint of honeyed sweetness.  It smells like something that should be bottled and sold as cologne!

The flavor has a deep, fruity taste, reminiscent of fresh, tree-ripened plums (you know … the kind of plums that are so sweet because they were ripened in the sun instead of ripened in a box on its way to the grocery store?) There is just a hint of sour to this as well … just enough to provide contrast without coming off as a strong, distinctively sour taste.blackoolongcupped

But mostly, this is sweet.  I taste notes of honey, wood, flower, and fruit.  There is some astringency toward the tail, but there is absolutely no bitterness to this.  I recommend brewing this in a gaiwan, using short steeps.  You’ll get a lot of mileage out of one measurement of leaves (I managed six very flavorful infusions and probably could have gotten at least two more!) and the flavor seems to develop with each subsequent steep!

This tea is truly an amazing experience – put this one at the top of your MUST TRY list!

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