Marie-Antoinette from Nina’s Paris

Marie-Antoinette from Nina’s Paris
Marie-Antoinette from Nina’s Paris

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Nina’s Paris

Tea Description:

Rose petals, apples, rose

A very delicate tea, flavored with apples & rose, with a touch of strongness with ceylon tea basis Apple aroma done with apples coming from King’s Kitchen Garden – Versailles.

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Taster’s Review:

Marie-Antoinette from Nina’s Paris has a wonderful aroma. I just love sitting here smelling it fill the air around me with the scents of roses and fresh apples. Its almost too good to drink! The apple aroma is that of mulled cider, or the smell that fills the air every year at the Apple Festivals that are commonly held in my area. It just makes me feel warm and sunny on this cold snowy winter’s day.

The flavor, while not strong, is very good. The apple notes come through in a very natural way, so natural in fact that I can taste some of the earthy notes, a light musk, or damp earth like flavor common in pu-erh. I don’t want you to think this tea tastes like a pu-erh however, it does not. Its just that there is a note here that seems so earthy, it is almost like soil. But apples come from tress, then again trees do grow out of the ground.

So here we have a wonderful apple cider like tea, with a lovely earth tone to it, and just the slightest hint at rose.

The more I sip it the more it grows on me. I think any person who loves apple flavor should try this tea. Its so subtle, does not try to flood your taste buds over with flavor but yet it is so true to what apple tastes like when you bite into one. I can even taste apple skin in this tea.

Yes, I do like this Marie-Antoinette tea from Nina’s Pairs. I like that it is polite and does not try to swarm me with flavors that would just not be natural or real. This just may end up being something I order regularly.

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