Caramel Sundae Escape from Talbott’s Tea

Caramel Sundae Escape from Talbott's Teas
Caramel Sundae Escape from Talbott’s Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Talbott’s Tea

Tea Description:

You ease into the first sip. Real caramel. You slide into the second. Real cocoa. With the addition of milk and sugar, you instinctively reach for a spoon.

All natural premium ingredients: Full-leaf black tea, cacao nibs, caramel pieces & natural vanilla flavor.

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Taster’s Review:

Caramel Sundae Escape from Talbott’s Tea is a mellow, caramel tea that has absolutely no astringency or bitterness. It is sweet but not overly so. The chocolate notes are slight, if you are really wanting chocolate decadence this may not be the exact tea for you but the chocolate notes are present. This is by far more a caramel tea, and after all it is named Caramel Sundae Escape. However it is part of the Chocolate Lover’s collection so some may be a little disappointed it is not more chocolatey!

Regardless, this is a really delicious cup! I was surprised at just how many bits were in the blend, plenty of caramel chunks for sure!

The tea base is lovely, it melds perfectly with the flavors and does not let the caramel or chocolate totally overrun the black base. You can actually taste the tea, which after all we are tea lovers, we want to taste some tea even in our rich decedent dessert blends!

I can’t really say if it tastes like a sundae or not, I guess I would need some cream elements, or more vanilla to mimic the ice cream for it to be a true sundae tea, but I really did not miss that. I didn’t think about what it was not, I was really enjoying what it was!

I just wish I had more of it! I will be savoring the rest of the sample I have and it will most likely get reordered.

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