Chocolate Delight Black Tea Blend from Just Add Honey


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black & Green Tea

Where to Buy:  Just Add Honey

Tea Description:

warm, earthy, and decadent, this tea densely aromatic and flavorful black tea combined with cocoa beans, vanilla, barley, and yogurt bits produces a hearty and balanced cup that feels like an indulgence. best enjoyed with milk to enhance the notes of both the tea and cocoa.

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Taster’s Review:

The first time I brewed this Chocolate Delight Black Tea Blend from Just Add Honey, I did so without reading the website description or the ingredient list, and I did not realize that this was yet another black tea blend from Just Add Honey that also included green tea (a genmaicha, it would appear!) so I brewed this as I would a usual black tea – using boiling water.

And prepared this way, it doesn’t taste bitter.  It tastes rich and chocolate-y!  It tastes YUMMY!  That said, I don’t taste any real “green tea notes” here, or even anything that would indicate to me that there is genmaicha in this blend.  I taste a rich black tea base with a strong chocolate essence.  There is a distinct creaminess to this cup (courtesy of not only the chocolate but also the yogurt!)   I do taste the barley and it definitely accents the chocolate, giving it a depth and an almost “malty” kind of richness.

Now that I’m more than halfway through the cup, I notice an earthy roasty-toasty-ness to the cup … which I guess can be attributed to the genmaicha (after all, it is a roasty-toasty kind of tea!) but that could also be attributed to the barley.  I have to admit that I REALLY like this, just the way it is, even if I’m not tasting much of the green tea’s contribution to the cup.  When it comes to chocolate, I mean, what can I say?  Tasting the chocolate is of utmost importance, and because I can taste it here – and I’m really liking what I’m tasting! – I’m a happy chocoholic!

Given how good this is prepared using boiling water for 2 1/2 minutes, I was rather reluctant to brew a second pot using a more gentle method for the green tea.  But I did … for no other reason than for the purposes of this review.  And I have to admit that while I do taste more of the green tea, more of that sweet, vegetal flavor from the green tea … I do not like it better than I did the first pot of tea when I tasted more of a rich, earthy, deep chocolate flavor.  This cup is lighter and less chocolate-y, and when it comes right down to it, for me, it’s all about the chocolate!

So, if you do decide to try this chocolate tea (and you should!) try brewing it both ways to see which way suits your fancy … and let me know what you think!

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