Chocolate Strawberry Mocha Tea from Shanti Tea

mochaTea Type:
Oolong Tea

Where To Buy:
Shanti Tea

Product Description:

2 – 3 min, milk not recommended
Tea (Camellia Sinensis), Coffee Beans, Cacao pieces, rosehips, safflowers, natural essences
Tasting Notes…
Certification: Conventional
Grade or Quality: full leaf
Aroma: chocolately, smoky, coffee notes
Infusion Aroma: smooth chocolately aroma with mild smokiness and pronounced coffee
Infusion Color: dark amber
Base flavor: chocolate mocha, earthy
Infusion Strength: strong, full bodied

Tasters Review:

Oh.My.Gawd!  YUMSVILLE!  I know a lot of people are either a coffee person OR a tea person…of course I would say I was a tea person!  But any time a company combines the two – I am intrigued!

The aroma of this is amazing! Juicy-sweet strawberry, Smooth and Sweet Chocolate, Hearty Mocha/Coffee! WOW!

The flavor is wonderful, too! All of the above in addition to semi-smoky Oolong!

It’s sweet, it’s juicy, it’s smooth, it’s slighty smoky, it’s coffee-bean, it’s a DREAM.

This is TOP NOTCH and takes you on a flavorful RIDE! LOVE it!

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