Citrus Punch Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Citrus Punch Matcha from Red Leaf Tea
Citrus Punch Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Matcha, Flavored Matcha

Where to Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

This tangy flavored Citrus Punch Matcha is a delight on the palate that seeks for new horizons with Mother Nature’s bounty. Its fruity appeal makes it unique in its ability to delight and freshen the taste buds. Its flexibility makes it easy to add to virtually any drink or snack around the kitchen. It can also be used to enhance the refreshment offering in many special occasions with its delectable fruitiness. This makes it favorite for anybody looking for variety and spice.

Citrus Punch Matcha is ideal for lifting the flavors of many ordinary-tasting snacks to become well-rounded and exciting to the palate. Its delicious taste makes it a favorite among people who want to venture into new fruity directions that entice and delight the palate. This unique flavor is also excellent for many hot or cold drinks that require an added tangy fruitiness, especially for special occasions where people can truly sample the delights of Mother Nature’s special fruits.

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Taster’s Review:

Citrus Punch Matcha from Red Leaf Tea is really rather quite yummy! The reason I say that is because honestly I was a little apprehensive about trying this matcha.

I really thought it would be too tart, or too bitter, but its not! Its fresh, natural tasting, mix of orange, lemon, and lime. It reminds me a lot of a juice I used to drink when I was younger called Five Alive.


I made a latte with almond milk, and a splash of vanilla creamer and this matcha really tasted like a smoothie, or a Julius.

I am eager to try this matcha blended with some sparkling water or ginger ale as well!

Sometimes, with some matcha flavors I worry about a chemical after taste, and I am amazed that so much flavor can be packed into this dusty fine matcha powder! I don’t know how Red Leaf Tea does it, but I am so happy that they do!

Red Leaf Tea also has a fruit punch flavor I am dying to try, I have that on my shopping list! Then they recently released Apple Pie, Berry Pie, and French Butter Cookie, all which instantly made it on my shopping list as well.

Keep coming out with the amazing flavors Red Leaf Tea, and like a minion I will keep on buying!

As for this flavor, love it!

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