Cranberry Blood Orange from Jade Monk

CBO-Tea CartonTea Type:
Matcha (Matcha Based Product)

Where To Buy:
Jade Monk

Product Description:

A thousand years ago in Shinto belief, the Tengu were dangerous spirit-animals. Over the centuries they’ve evolved into benevolent protectors and allies of humans. This particular Tengu-Cranberry Blood Orange instant matcha green tea powder-employs the impossibly potent antioxidant potential of Jade Monk®. Matcha, the tang of cranberry and bright citrus of blood orange, with a dash of sweetness. Traditional, pure, entirely natural ingredients with the fortified polyphenol strength of Jade Monk®-that’s a spirit to believe in.

Tasters Review:

I love how it’s unique and completely different from anything I have ever tried as far as a Matcha Novelty Product is concerned.

I also love the art work on each package!

I used cooler water…near lukewarm…this makes everything work better than trying it piping hot! I do like the flavors in this one! I can taste the blood orange AND the Cranberry and both are lovely. It’s hard to find Blood Orange flavored things that actually taste like Blood Oranges but this is right up there with the goodies! The Cranberry is pretty awesome, too! It sort of has a cotton candy type feeling about it but it all seems to work well!

Thumbs up on this one!

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