Raspberry Sunburst Green Tea from Fusion Teas


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Fusion Teas

Tea Description:

A simple everyday tea that simply satisfies. We start with a lovely floral china green tea base and sprinkle in hibiscus petals, just enough to perk it up. The tangy raspberry and brisk lemon give it character and is perfectly balanced.

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Taster’s Review:

I was really surprised by this Raspberry Sunburst Green Tea from Fusion Teas. I took a sip of it before I read the ingredient list.  And then I read that there is hibiscus in this blend!  I didn’t really notice much from the hibiscus.  No strong tart-y flavor.  No heavy, syrupy texture.  The only thing that is indicative of hibiscus’s presence is a slight pink-ish tint to the color of the brewed tea.

I suppose that the hibiscus does help to accentuate the tart berry notes of the raspberry, but, the flavor doesn’t hit me over the head with hibiscus.  I taste more raspberry than I taste hibiscus.  I also taste more lemon than hibiscus.  This is a blend with hibiscus that I can handle!  This is hibiscus done right!

The green tea is a sweet, creamy and slightly earthy tasting tea.  The tea is not the main event of this blend … but I do like that I can taste the tea here and that it’s not overly camouflaged by the flavoring.  The tea also lends a certain sweetness to the cup which is nice because the raspberry and lemon tend to be tart, so the sweetness of the tea is a nice contrast.

The raspberry is nice, it tastes sweet-tart and juicy, but what I really like about this blend is the LEMON!  It really brightens the cup.  This blend is really true to its name, it really tastes like a Raspberry Sunburst!  (No not the chewy, waxy candy, but, more like sunburst as in lemony-bright taste combined with delightful raspberry flavor.)

A really nice blend from Fusion Teas!

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