Organic Sencha Green Tea from Aiya

Organic Sencha from Aiya

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green Tea

Where to Buy:  Aiya

Tea Description:

Organic Sencha is one of the highest in quality in the Japanese internationally certfied organic Sencha category. This grade of Organic Sencha is rare even in the Japanese market. This tea is grown to meet strict organic regulations while maintaining a light refreshing flavor and aroma with a clear green appearance.

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Taster’s Review:

Aiya is one of those companies that I have complete confidence in – one of those companies that I know will always provide top-quality products.  Like this Organic Sencha Green Tea!   This tea is absolutely wonderful!

It is very much what I’d expect from a Japanese Sencha:  light, vegetative, and refreshing.  However, one thing that I’m not finding in this Sencha is that hint of bitterness that I find in some Japanese Sencha teas.  This one is so smooth and sweet – and I detect not even a hint of bitterness and no astringency either!

The flavor is crisp with a pleasant sweetness.  It has a mellow, vegetative taste that teeters the line between sweet-grass and steamed spinach.  There is a vague softness to this … almost creamy, but not in a buttery creaminess kind of way.  Rather, it’s what I’d describe as a smooth, round flavor.  The aftertaste is pleasantly sweet.

I love this Sencha – and I appreciate that it’s certified organic!  It tastes great –  one of the nicer Sencha teas I’ve encountered recently.  That’s what I mean when I say that Aiya is one of those companies I can trust to deliver top-notch products.  This Organic Sencha is a perfect example of their quality!

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