Ginger Peach Black from White Lion Tea

Ginger Peach Black from White Lion Tea
Ginger Peach Black from White Lion Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: White Lion Tea

Tea Description:

This tea combines the succulent flavor of peaches with a hint of ginger. One of our most popular blends, this tea is fabulous over ice!

Loose Tea

Canister 14oz $31.00

Glass Jar 3oz $15.95

Sample Tin 1oz $4.75

Sachet Tea

25 Sachets In Bulk $16.80

Silver Keepsake Tin with 18 Sachets $15.50

Sample Tin with 5 Sachets $4.75

Wrapped Sachet Tea

10ct Black Keepsake Tin $14.50

40ct Case $35.70

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Ginger Peach Black from White Lion Tea is juicy, succulent, delicate, and joyful. There is just the right level of ginger in this tea so that it allows the gorgeous sweet peach to shine through. The peach flavor in this tea tastes very natural, as if fresh picked right off the tree in an orchard. This is not a fakey flavored peach tea, so it won’t be as in your face as some peach teas you have tried before, but it is so well blended that you taste the peach flavor lingering on your taste buds long after each sip, if you can wait long enough to find out that is, because all you want to do is take another sip!

The aroma has a nice spicy note to it from the ginger but again, that amazing peach note really springs forward!

It reminds me of spiced peaches I used to make for the kids around the holidays. This makes me want to make some right now!

White Lion Teas says this is excellent over ice so I had to try it this way as well and I must agree that the flavors totally popped! I also found that adding a little rock sugar made another wonderful twist on this tea too! Either hot or cold I really enjoyed this tea just slightly sweet. I do not normally add sugar to my teas but in this case I just wanted this to be a little more on the dessert side after thinking of the spiced peaches I used to make the kids.

My son was visiting – which is rare these days as he is always on the go. He tried it and really loved it even though he is not a tea drinker. I would have had my daughter enjoy some as well but sadly she is allergic to ginger.

I also found that adding rock sugar makes the ginger flavor more prominent.

I won’t say this is my all time favorite from White Lion Tea as their Lemon Souffle really owns that spot in my heart, followed by about three others I prefer over this one, but this would make it to my reorder list for sure!

The wonderful thing is that so far I have yet to meet a White Lion (tea) that I do not like. Stellar teas from this company!

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