Mellow Mango Peach Black Tea from Della Terra Teas


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Della Terra Teas

Tea Description:

When it’s time to relax and “mellow out” it’s time for our Mellow Mango Peach.  Perfect for summertime, the real pieces of mango and peach along with the rose petals also make this perfect for anytime.

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Taster’s Review:

This Mellow Mango Peach Black Tea from Della Terra Teas is aptly named – it really does have a very delicious, mellow kind of taste to it that seems to enhance a sense of calm.

Black tea tends to be an invigorating tea … with some types of black tea being more invigorating than others.  And even though the tea used for the base of this blend is indeed a black tea … it is a very mild tasting black tea.  It has a smooth flavor with a certain brightness to it, but, it isn’t overly stimulating.

Oh, there is caffeine in this blend so if you’re looking for something caffeine free – this isn’t it!  But, even with this caffeinated drink, I’m not feeling that certain PUSH to get going like I’d experience with say, an Assam or a Yunnan.  This is probably a Ceylon tea, which tends to be a gentler black tea leaf.  However, I wouldn’t recommend brewing up a pot of any Ceylon black tea if you’re planning on heading to bed right away, I can’t guarantee that it won’t keep you alert.   My alertness level is elevated from this tea … I just don’t feel overstimulated.

The flavors here are really delightful – a combination of sweet, luscious peach and juicy, delicious mango.  There are also some rose petals scattered in this blend, but these seem to be present more for appearance sake (they do make the dry leaf look pretty!) than for the sake of flavor.  I do taste very faint, vague notes of flower in the sip, but, these are so barely there that if I’m casually sipping, I don’t notice them.  It’s only when I’m really focused on the tastes that I’m experiencing that I notice them peeking out.

But what I do notice is the peach and the mango.  It tastes sweet and fruity with a pleasing tropical flair.  The flavors are strong with this blend, and I would say that the flavors sort of overpower the black tea … but the black tea is still certainly present.  It might be nice to have just a tad less peach and mango flavor and a little more black tea in the sip, but, as it is, it’s really very enjoyable.  Della Terra Teas has managed to capture the flavors quite well.

A very pleasing cup of tea – a nice afternoon cuppa!  It would also make a stunning iced tea … and those hot summer days are quickly approaching (too soon for me … can we just reset Autumn, please?)

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