FengHuang GuiFei Oolong Tea from Mountain Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Mountain Tea

Tea Description:

Citrusy with the taste of ripe stone and pit fruit.

GuiFei was originally crafted in FengHuang village in Nantou’s LuGu county (famous for creating the Dong Ding oolong style).  After the 9/21 earthquake, tea gardens were abandoned and the tea plants allowed to grow wild.

Our FengHuang GuiFei was crafted in remembrance of our founder’s grandmother (originally from FengHuang village) who passed recently and as an homage to those who lost their lives in the earthquake.  It is a declaration that even in the darkest hours we can rise and overcome.

Learn more about this Oolong here.

Taster’s Review:

I have often stated that Ali Shan Oolong is my favorite type of Oolong Tea, but … this FengHuang GuiFei Oolong Tea from Mountain Tea is certainly a contender to replace my longtime favorite!  This tea is positively EXQUISITE!

The above description is spot on with its suggestion that this is citrus-y with the taste of stone fruit.  There are delightful notes of citrus:  I’m thinking a combination of orange and a sweet grapefruit.  There are hints of tart in the citrus-y tones, but, not so much of the bitter that grapefruit often yields.  It’s just sweet and tangy!

And then there are the lovely plum-like notes.  Sweet and juicy, with that hint of sour that a plum offers.  Just a hint!  There are so many nuances to this tea … it is such an incredible tea to experience!

It has hints of wood to it with just a touch of roasted taste.  Honey-esque tones … and an ever-so-slight touch of flower to the taste.  Those who shy away from floral Oolongs – worry not!  The floral note is barely discernible … I notice it only when I’m really focused on the sip.  While sipping casually – what I taste is fruit!

This is one of the sweetest Oolong teas I’ve encountered.  It doesn’t have a heavy, creamy feel to it.  Instead it has a smooth, brothy texture.  The aftertaste is light and sweet.  It’s one of those Oolong teas that you want to save for those kinds of days that you have plenty of time to just sit back and contemplate the joy of tea … just relax and enjoy the sweet, beautiful, complex quality of the tea.  Definitely DO take this tea through its paces and infuse it multiple times … it’s definitely worth that effort because you’ll be rewarded with lots of wonderful, delicious tea.

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