Passion Berry Jolt Black Tea Blend from Tiesta Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tiesta Tea

Tea Description:

Throw a jolt of passion in your day! With a unified blend of Assam black tea, cornflowers, marigolds, and passion fruit flavoring, this fruity Energizer is sure to keep you locked, loaded, and ready to go. Tastes great iced!

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Taster’s Review:

The aroma of the dry leaf of this Passion Berry Jolt Black Tea Blend from Tiesta Tea is delightful!  Highly fragrant with notes of passion fruit and raspberry, and lovely floral tones … I found myself very eagerly awaiting this tea to HURRY UP and brew!  I couldn’t wait to taste it.

And I’ve tried a number of passion fruit flavored teas … and it probably goes without saying that some I’ve enjoyed more than others.  This one … this one is spectacular!  This is one of the best passion fruit flavored teas I’ve encountered.   The passion fruit and the raspberry meld BEAUTIFULLY together.  I don’t really consider myself to be an expert on things passion fruit flavored, but I will say that I am really enjoying this tea’s fruit flavoring.

The fruit tastes very authentic … it doesn’t have that chemical-y, artificial-ish taste that sometimes accompanies fruit flavored teas.  This tastes more like real fruit to me.  It is sweet, juicy-tasting, and there is just enough tartness to the flavors to keep it from being a cloying drink.  Very pleasant, and very easy to sip.

And I like that I taste the black tea here.  It is an Assam base, and it is good and strong like a good Assam should be.  It has a hint of malty taste, and just a hint of a wine-ish kind of flavor too … and it’s this wine-like note that works so well with the fruit flavors, enhancing the berry tones and offering depth to the passion fruit notes.  The combination of these three elements – Assam tea, passion fruit and raspberry – work so well together.

The flower adds more to the visual interest of the dry leaf than it does to the actual flavor, and I’m OK with that.  I found the way these flavors came together to be so enjoyable that I didn’t need there to be more to the floral tones than maybe a hint or two of floral taste to the cup.  I find that the floral notes do emerge more once the tea has cooled.

A really delightful cuppa from Tiesta Tea … this one may be my favorite that I’ve tried from them thus far!  I highly recommend this one!  I suspect that if you try it, it may just become a STAPLE in your tea cupboard during the summer … because it’s awesome iced!

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