Taiwan Green Tea from Nuvola Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Nuvola Tea

Tea Description:

This tea is a collection of Premium Taiwan Green Tea. Mellow and refreshing in flavour with a delightful green colour, our premium Green tea is not only a treat to the eyes, but also is abundant in antioxidants Catechin and Vitamin C, which could help boosting the immune system.

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Taster’s Review:

My first cup of this Taiwan Green Tea from Nuvola Tea was a very surprising cuppa!  The flavor was so delicate and sweet!  Mere hints of vegetation, mostly what I tasted was an almost candy-like sweetness with a soft mouthfeel and a very delicate quality to it.  greenteacupped

I had expected a stronger flavor from it, though, so I decided  to see what would happen when I brew the leaves a second time, and this is where the flavor intensified for me.  This cup brought forth the vegetative notes that I expected.  The second cup proved to be broth-y in texture and taste (imagine a vegetable broth that was made from leafy greens), with a slight (barely there, but it’s there when you focus on the sip!) citrus-y tone that expresses itself toward the end of the sip.  There is a light astringency toward the tail, and the aftertaste is delicate and sweet, reminiscent of that first cup that I so enjoyed.

I find the flavor to be very crisp and pure, much what I’d expect from a green tea, but that first cup is different enough from other greens to make this tea one that you want to TRY!  I like that it’s sweet, and that the slight tangy citrus note contrasts with the sweetness just enough to enliven the palate.  It’s a very refreshing cuppa!

Another EXCELLENT tea from Nuvola Tea.  Definitely one of the best pure green teas I’ve had in a while from a company that continues to impress me with it’s fine quality teas!

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