Toffee Chocolate Hazelnut Black Tea Blend from Inspired Leaf


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Inspired Leaf

Tea Description:

A buttery, decadent treat with yummy nutty notes.

Learn more about this blend here.

Taster’s Review:

Yummy!  How could I resist a tea called Toffee Chocolate Hazelnut?  I mean, seriously?  Toffee?  Chocolate???  Hazelnut?  YES PLEASE!  This black tea blend from Inspired Leaf is as tasty as the name promises it to be!

The black tea base is a robust yet smooth-tasting black tea.  It is rich enough to hold its own with the flavors in this cup, but, it isn’t an overly aggressive tea that seeks to gain a lot of the spotlight.  It is content to let the flavors do most of the talking here, but it still manages to get itself noticed.

The first flavor I notice is a lovely buttery tone … very butter toffee-ish!  It has a sweet, creamy taste to it and the creaminess here is satisfying enough to where you don’t need to add dairy to have a latte-ish taste to the cup … although a splash of milk certainly doesn’t hurt … and does enhance the overall creaminess!  I really like the buttery tone to this tea, it may just be my favorite aspect of the drink.

And that’s coming from a chocoholic!  The chocolate notes are a bit subdued here in comparison to the buttery tones.  But the buttery tones are so delicious, it’s difficult to complain about a little less chocolate.  That said, more chocolate is always better … and this tea would definitely be improved with more chocolate.  The ingredient list has carob chips as one of the ingredients, and personally, I think I’d rather see the carob chips omitted and maybe some extra cacao nibs added or how about some cacao shells!  I still think that cacao shells are the absolute BEST way to flavor a chocolate tea!

I find that the chocolate notes do intensify as I continue to sip, and they do eventually become almost as strong as the buttery toffee notes.  Nice!

The Hazelnut notes are lovely here.  In my first couple of sips, there was a delicious toasty note that was strong … reminiscent of the flavor of freshly toasted hazelnuts.  It was really yummy.  After those first few sips, that strong toasty note sort of melded into the background as the butter notes began to emerge, but, the toasty notes were very memorable and really captured the essence of hazelnut.  The hazelnut is still a present flavor, it’s just not as prominent as those first few sips.

By mid-cup, the flavors seem to unite and become a collective “Toffee Chocolate Hazelnut” flavor … rather than tasting the individual notes, this is more like a creamy, nutty, buttery, chocolate-y taste that is almost sinful!

This one might just be my favorite that I’ve tried thus far from Inspired Leaf.  And I do like the inspiration from this tea:

Inspiration No. 31: A little chocolate can improve your state of mind.

Agreed!  This tea is a definite must-try for those who enjoy dessert teas!

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